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Viral Video Shows Biden’s Confusion And Protocol Breach With King Charles

Biden's embarrassing moment with King Charles sparks age concerns as he heads into an incoming election year in 2024.
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President Joe Biden seemed to have experienced yet another embarrassing moment during his stopover in the U.K. to meet King Charles III. 

In a viral video circulating on Twitter, King Charles is seen escorting the “confused” president across the lawn as they reviewed the assembled Welsh Guards at Windsor Castle.

King Charles III greets The President of the United States, Joe Biden in the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle as part of a ceremonial welcome on July 10, 2023, in Windsor, England. The President is visiting the UK to further strengthen the close relationship between the two nations and to discuss climate issues with King Charles III. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images) 

At one point, the monarch also appeared to lose control when it seemed that one of the Welsh Guards stationed at the castle spent excessive time engaging the U.S. president.

The viral video ignited another debate concerning the age of the 80-year-old leader, who is seeking a second term as president.

Television presenter Chris Plante sharing the video on Twitter, wrote, “A confused Joe Biden had to be escorted across the lawn by King Charles!”

A Twitter user also called it “embarrassing.”

“No Problem, this is an Age where confusion is bound to Happen. The brain needs rest,” said another user. 

Meanwhile, there were also concerns that Biden appeared to break the Royal protocol by touching King Charles during an arrival ceremony. The U.S. president was seen placing his hand on the King’s back, with the monarch reciprocating a similar gesture a short time later.

However, a Buckingham Palace source told People that Biden did not breach protocol and said the monarch was “entirely comfortable” with the encounter.

“What a wonderful symbol of warmth and affection it was between both the individuals and their nations,” said the Buckingham Palace source.

This was the first meeting between the two heads of state from across the pond after King Charles’ coronation where only First Lady Jill Biden only attended representing the United States. 

No U.S. President had attended the coronation of a British monarch in the history of the United States.

Former President Donald Trump criticized Biden for not attending the coronation and calling it disrespectful to the United Kingdom.

Biden will be 81 during the primary and the general election, as Trump will be 78 in last two of the GOP primary and the general as he is the front-runner.

The incumbent president’s age has been a major factor among voters where many have questioned if he will be healthy enough for a second term in office.

Trump’s legal battles have been troubling for the GOP in the mishandling of classified documents as the January 6 investigation is currently underway for another indictment.

It is expected that a Fulton County grand jury will indict the former president and his allies in the election interference in the 2020 election.

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