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Tech Titans Musk And Zuckerberg’s Boxing Match Highlights Controversy Over Weight Loss Drugs

Elon Musk's transformation attributed to Wegovy sparks debate on access and shortages for diabetic patients.

As the world watches tech titans Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg prepare for an unexpected boxing match, Musk’s slimmed-down physique has caught attention. This transformation is attributed to his use of Wegovy, a semaglutide medication used for chronic weight management, Fast Company reports.

Drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic are primarily intended for diabetes patients but have gained popularity off-label for weight loss. This trend has led to shortages for diabetic patients who need them. The attention these drugs have garnered has also sparked developments in the weight loss medication space.

Photo of a human hand holding pills. A pill form of blood sugar controlling, weight loss drug Ozempic to become available in the market in the next two years. KSENIA YAKOVLEVA. UNSPLASH.

A pill form of Ozempic was presented at the American Diabetes Association’s annual conference. This new form, which would be taken daily instead of weekly, showed promising results in reducing weight and improving blood sugar levels. However, it may still be a year or two before this pill becomes available due to ongoing trials.

Another potential breakthrough is a drug called retatrutide, which has shown results comparable to weight-loss surgeries. However, it too needs to go through phase 3 trials before it can hit the market.

Telemedicine companies like Found are working with employers to offer weight-management benefits to their employees, including prescriptions for drugs like Ozempic. However, the high cost of these drugs presents a challenge. Dr. Angela Fitch, founder and chief medical officer of Knownwell, argues that access to these obesity treatments should be offered by Medicaid and Medicare, rather than through employers.

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