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Israel Defense Forces Locate Rocket Launchers After Attack In Samaria

Hamas-Linked Group Launches Rockets at Israeli Community; IDF Responds
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The Hamas-linked Al-Ayyash Battalion said on Monday it launched two rockets from the Jenin area towards the Jewish community of Shaked in northern Samaria.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The Israel Defense Forces subsequently located two rocket launchers and two makeshift projectiles near the village.

Sappers were deployed, and the launchers were taken for investigation.

“The rockets did not pose a threat to the residents of Shaked,” said the military in a tweet. 

“We fired several rockets at Israeli villages in the area over the past few months,” said the Al-Ayyash Battalion previously 

One of the rockets terrorists said they fired from the Jenin area, July 10, 2023. The Al-Ayyash Battalion had shared a video claiming to show the rocket launches. SCREENSHOT/TWITTER/JNS,

“On Sunday, an old improvised rocket with no explosives was found in Moshav Ram-On,” said the Israel Defense Forces.

A security guard in the community, which is situated just within the 1949 Armistice Line and falls under the jurisdiction of the Gilboa Regional Council, located the remnants of the rocket in the moshav’s cemetery. 

IDF sappers performed an initial investigation that determined that the rocket did not pose a danger.

Last month, the military said that a “lone wolf” was responsible for two rockets fired from Jenin.

The IDF said that there was no connection between the projectiles and an organized terrorist group, despite a report that Hamas’s “military wing” claimed responsibility for them.

Separately, on June 26 it was revealed that the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) had arrested a Palestinian Arab after finding a rocket in an open area in an eastern section of Jerusalem about a month earlier.

Abdel Alhakim Buatna, a resident of Ajjul, north of Ramallah, was arrested on suspicion of intending to fire the rocket at Israelis during this year’s Jerusalem Day flag parade in May.

Last Monday, the IDF launched a major counter terror operation in Jenin, including the entry into the Samaria city of significant ground forces. More than 1,000 IDF troops participated in the campaign, which is believed to be the largest deployment in Judea and Samaria in two decades.

Israeli troops arrested well over 100 terror suspects and, during nearly 48 hours of fighting, located and demolished at least eight weapon storage sites, six bomb-making labs, three “war rooms,” and other terror assets.

The IDF also carried out some 20 drone strikes against various targets.

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