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Beat The Heat: Barcelona’s Top 5 Gelato Shops To Cool Off

From OGGI Gelato to Un gelato por te, discover the best spots for homemade gelato in Barcelona's scorching summer
Photo of ice-cream cones. Beat the Barcelonian Heat with their Top 5 Ice-cream parlours. COURTNEY COOK/UNSPLASH.

As Barcelona’s temperatures continue to rise, ice cream is the perfect way to cool down. From fresh, fruity flavours to traditional tiramisu, Barcelona’s ice cream fits all kinds of flavour palettes. Barcelona has many good options for ice cream, so to make your decision easier, follow this guide for the best ice cream in Barcelona to cool off on a hot day.

With a dedication to homemade gelato, Barcelona’s ice cream is committed to rich flavours with clear Italian influence. Barcelona’s ice cream shops come in a big variety, with some dedicated solely to gelato, while others offer baked goods and pastries. To help you find the best ice cream to suit your preferences, here are the top 5 best ice cream shops in Barcelona.

1. OGGI Gelato

OGGI Gelato is part of a chain of Gelato parlours, and it’s the company’s first outside of Italy. Despite making their gelato homemade with no ready-made ingredients or other shortcuts, the shop has a surprising number of flavours. The shop has an incredibly welcoming environment and offers their ice cream at a reasonable price. The place is popular for a reason, and it is definitely worth a try!

📍 Carrer Comtal, 15

OGGI Gelato
A photo of gelato. OGGI Gelato in Barcelona has garnered immense popularity for its welcoming environment. JACKSON VALENTI. EL NACIONAL.CAT

2. Mannà Gelats

Mannà Gelats is on a quieter street, and it’s a real hidden gem. The shop has a large variety of flavours and a focus on tropical fruit flavours. If you are looking for a place with unique flavours that still maintains the quality of homemade gelato, this is the place for you! Manná Gelats also has many delicious vegan and gluten-free flavours for those with any dietary restrictions. The original, diverse, and inclusive options make Manná Gelats a great choice.

📍 Carrer dels Banys Nous, 22, local 1

Manna Gelats
A photo of an ice-cream parlour. Manna Gelats in Barcelona has a diverse range of ice-creams. JACKSON VALENTI. EL NACIONAL.CAT


3. Gelaaati Di Marco

With one of the largest menus with traditional ice cream flavours and sorbets, Gelaaati Di Marco is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. If you’re looking for traditional Italian flavours or different types of chocolate, this is the place to go. The shop also has Italian pastry classics, like homemade fresh Tiramisu and Sicilian Cannoli’s. Alongside Manná Gelats, Gelaati Di Marco’s diverse menu is very accommodating for those with dietary restrictions as well.

📍 Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7


Gelaaati Di Marco
Photo of diverse flavours of ice-cream. Gelaaati Di Marco is the perfect find if you are looking to choose from a wide variety of traditional Italian ice-cream flavours. JACKSON VALENTI. EL NACIONAL.CAT.

4. DeLaCrem

From hot coffee to sweet pastries and cold gelato, DeLaCrem has a little bit of everything for everyone. With a vibe much closer to a regular coffee shop, DeLaCrem has many places to sit down in and outside the parlour to enjoy their homemade gelato. While it doesn’t have as many flavours as some other places, they are very unique, taking inspiration from several other cultures with a changing daily flavour.

📍 Carrer d’Enric Granados, 15

Photo of people standing outside an ice-cream parlour. DeLaCrem in Barcelona is unique for its changing daily flavour of ice-cream that is inspired from several cultures. JACKSON VALENTI. EL NACIONAL.CAT. 

5. Un gelato por te

Un Gelato por te is the most low-key of the shops on this list, but its gelato is made with clear passion and fresh fruit. For a ‘less touristy’ vibe, this is definitely the place. The shop is more tucked away, but not a very long walk from the nearby public transit. Notably, the owner is very energetic and clearly puts a lot of love into his craft! Un gelato por te has all the standard flavours one can expect in an ice cream shop, but with more care and dedication to quality.

📍 Carrer de Sant Felip Neri, 1

Un Gelato Por Te
Photo of two women standing in an ice-cream parlour. Un Gelato Por Te in Barcelona is the perfect vibe for you if you are looking for less touristy places and quality ice-cream. JACKSON VALENTI. EL NACIONAL.CAT. 

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Edited by Suparba Sil and Virginia Van Zandt

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