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Israel Calls Out Ukraine For Voting Against Its Interests At UN

Israeli Ambassador criticizes Ukraine's voting pattern, urges reciprocity in support

While Israel supports Ukraine “in 90% of cases” at the United Nations and other international fora, Ukraine’s voting pattern is “diametrically opposite,” Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky told Ukrainian news outlet ZN.UA on July 8.

“This is an abnormal situation, especially in light of the fact that Ukraine quite often turns to Israel with various requests,” said Brodsky.

“[I]f Ukraine considers Israel a friendly state and makes requests of it, then your country should support my country on issues that are important to us, just as Israel does with Ukraine on issues that are vital to you,” he added.

Brodsky defended Israel during much of the interview, in which virtually all the questions centered around the idea that Israel wasn’t doing enough for Ukraine.

The first question suggested that Israel should help Ukraine because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was Jewish: “Mr. Ambassador, Israel is a small country, but it cares about its fellow tribesmen around the globe and is extremely proud of them. Do you have a list of how many Jewish heads of state there are in the world?”

Brodsky said Israel’s sympathy for Ukraine and Zelensky wasn’t connected to his Jewish roots but to the fact that Ukraine was the victim of aggression. “Israel took a clear position and decided that we would help Ukraine.”

UN HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES – 2016/02/22: Ayla Bakkalli, USA Representative of the Crimean Tartar Mejlis at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues participates in the panel discussion. PHOTO BY ALBIN LOHR JONES/GETTY IMAGES  

When asked why Israel hasn’t yet provided Ukraine with military assistance or a “single weapon” since the start of the war 16 months ago, Brodsky said that Israel was planning to transfer an early missile warning system to Ukraine, but that it first needed to be adapted to the country.

The system is new, based on the size of Ukraine and the type of threats it faces. “Israel is primarily dealing with short-range missiles, which are quite primitive. They are fired at us mainly from the Gaza Strip,” he noted.

When asked why Israel summoned Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuki to the Foreign Ministry last week, Brodsky explained: “The latest statement by the Ukrainian ambassador that Israel does not help Ukraine in any way and is in solidarity with Russia caused indignation in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

“Therefore, the ambassador was summoned for a very serious conversation. The ambassador’s allegations are completely baseless and particularly offensive in light of the tremendous assistance that Israel has provided and continues to provide,” he said.


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