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Inflatable Armband Lost In 1988 Rediscovered, Brings Nostalgic Joy

Lost for 35 Years, Child's Swimming Armband Found and Reunited with Owner

A children’s swimming armband has been reunited with its owner after it went missing – 35 years ago.

Suzanne Lucas, 65, lost the inflatable band – which belonged to her son, Darren, now 40, – after a trip to L’Erée beach in Guernsey in 1988.

“It was found by a friend of the family just outside of St Peter’s Port in Guernsey in May,” said Suzanne, mother to Darren.

The mom-of-four had written her son’s full name – Darren De Jersey – on the armband and recognized her handwriting 35 years later.

Darren Lucas around the time the armband went missing. SUZANNE LUCAS VIA SWNS

“I couldn’t believe it when it was found,” said Suzanne, a postal manager from Guernsey.

“They said is it yours? And I said ‘It’s definitely my writing.’

“I don’t think there’s any other Darren De Jersey over here.

“We were down there every day in the summer as it was across the road from the house.

“Every day was a sunny day. We’d very often go down at 10 am and come back at 8 pm.

“As you’d imagine with four children you have bags and bags of stuff so it was good going that we’d only lost the one item.

Suzanne with the armband floatie. SUZANNE LUCAS VIA SWNS

“I had everything tagged – buckets and spades, armbands.

“It was something we all did as my ex-husband’s family was also visiting that beach so I didn’t want the items to get mixed up.

“It was just a mom thing. It’d be a good advert for the Bic marker pen!”

“I’m going to have it framed, but what Darren doesn’t know is that I’m going to have it framed and put up at his work,” said Suzanne. 

“He’ll get the mickey taken out of him a little bit I’m sure!”

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