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Dog Owners Beware: Common Human Foods Can Harm Your Pet’s Health

Burgers, pizzas, and hot dogs among the top culprits; 'Fetch of the Day' food van offers healthier options.

The most common human foods eaten by dogs have been revealed – including burgers, pizzas and hot dogs.

A poll of 2,000 dog owners found 49% regularly catch their dog trying to eat their favorite meals.

Sandwiches, sausages and biscuits also feature prominently in the list.

The average owner catches their pooch taking things from their plate three times a week.

Four in ten claim the problem increases during the summer due to more casual outdoor eating.

And 55% admit their dog is likelier to eat human food at informal gatherings like barbeques or beach parties.

This has led to 56% worrying about the impact this has on their dog’s health and nutrition.

To help out,, which commissioned the research, launched its ‘Fetch of The Day’ food van on Brighton Beach.

The van serves nutritious doggie treats like Barking Burgers, Seaside Salmon Cones and Frozen Watermelon Bites.

A spokesperson for the bespoke dog food brand said: “We’re all guilty of slipping our pups morsels of human food. But too much can be really harmful.

“It’s often laden with fat and sugar. A little snack to us might be equivalent to a small dog’s daily allowance.

“Some foods can even also cause serious harm, inflaming the pancreas or causing toxicity.

“With ‘Fetch of the Day’ we wanted to provide dogs with a range of healthy, delicious and 100% dog-friendly seaside grub.”

While at the seaside, a fifth of owners have had their sausage roll eaten by a dog. While 17% have lost out on some fish and chips.

Seven in ten owners admit they offer food to their pet because it makes the dog happy.

Other reasons include reducing food waste (40%), and giving in too easily when their animal begs (26%).

Going for walks, trips to the beach and parks are the favorite summer things owners enjoy with their dog.

Splashing in the water (53%), digging in the sand (32%) and playing fetch (31%) were voted as dog’s favorite pastimes.

LONDON- MARCH 10: Anti-Brexit dog owners and their canine companions gather around cans of ‘Pedigree Chump’s Brexit Dog’s Dinner’ at the Victoria Tower Gardens outside Parliament in London to protest against a no-deal Brexit and campaign for a People’s Vote on a final Brexit deal.The most common human foods eaten by dogs have been revealed – including burgers, pizzas and hot dogs. PHOTO BY WIKTOR SZYMANOWICZ/GETTY IMAGES 

And more than half (56%) claim their pet is happier when playing among the sand and sea.

The spokesperson for added: “We know every dog is different, which is why we’re proud to offer food and treats designed to cater to a whole range of different doggie needs.

‘Fetch of the Day’ provided us with the perfect opportunity to share some nutritious ways to treat your dog this summer.”



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