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Office Plant Turns Into 600-Foot Monster, Becomes Office Attraction

A potted ivy that has taken over a UK office with its impressive growth rate and sponsorship deal

An office plant potted 14 years ago has grown into a 600-foot monster.

Bosses Allie Brennan, 51, and her husband, Des, 57, bought the ivy as a small potted cutting in 2009 to brighten up the work space.

A houseplant that has taken over the office. (ADAMHUGHES/SWNS)

Now, more than 14 years later, the plant has grown to almost 600 feet (182.88 m), sprouting new shoots to pin up across the office walls and ceiling “every day.”

It hangs from computer monitors and even has its own sponsorship deal.

The ivy grows at an impressive rate of six inches per month and covers almost the entire office of Protective Solutions Ltd – the packaging company Des founded in 2006- in Stonehouse, England.

Allie said: “It covers the office ceiling and walls in the office.

“It prefers the side with natural light but even know it’s sprouting on the darker side.

A houseplant that has taken over the office. (ADAM HUGHES/SWNS)

“We try to keep to off the desks, so it doesn’t get in the way, but it hangs down and is joined onto the monitors.

“It makes a massive difference to the office. We can’t envision the place without it – it would be dire.It started off as a bit of a laugh, but we wouldn’t be without it now. We’d have to get another one if it ever went.

“It’s a big talking point when customers come in as well. People ask if it’s real, but I’m not sure where we’d get a fake one this size.”

Allie added at the plant is very low-maintenance, requiring some feed and some water only once a week.

The plant has even received a sponsorship by gardening company, Gardening Naturally, who provide seaweed extract food to the office. Thankfully, the office was always manned during the COVID-19 lockdowns, so the office plant was never neglected.

A houseplant that has taken over the office. (ADAM HUGHES/SWNS) 

The “absolutely massive” plant goes around the 50ft long by 25ft wide open-plan office several times and then criss-crosses across the ceiling.

Although Allie suspects if the plant continues to grow they’ll have to “bring machetes to the office” to hack through the growth – she says staff love the greenery.

She said: “It changes daily. Sometimes it’s a bit creepy coming in and seeing it changing again.

“It’s very low maintenance, it gets fed weekly and watered.

“The most time it takes up is taking the time to pin up the new shoots.

“Over lockdown the office was manned the whole time, according to guidelines.

“It was still looked after, and the office air was probably purified for it.

“Staff love it. If it was gone we’d all notice it, and we’d just have to get another.”

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