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Debrett’s And Vauxhall Team Up To Create Electric Vehicle Etiquette Guide

Leading protocol experts offer tips on charging, parking, and courteous behavior for EV owners

Leading protocol and manners experts Debrett’s has created the definitive guide to electric vehicle etiquette.

The guide includes tips on the polite way to charge your car when visiting friends, advice on how to queue when waiting for a public charging bay, and whether it’s okay to unplug other vehicles at charge points.

It also features guidance on leaving charge points in a state you’d hope to find them in and advice on allowing enough room for larger vehicles to fit in public charging bays next to you.

Vauxhall, which has promised to offer fully electric versions of all of the models in its vehicle line up by 2024, partnered with Debrett’s to create the guide.

The EV Etiquette Guide follows a study by the automotive manufacturer which found 70 percent of motorists believe there’s a lack of guidance on aspects of EV ownership, including charging.

Liz Wyse, for Debrett’s, said: “As the electric vehicle revolution transforms our roads, our behavior and etiquette must accommodate these changes. It is clear that many drivers are uncertain about the etiquette relating to owning an EV.

“The new Electric Vehicle Etiquette Guide aims to address these uncertainties, providing clear guidance on charging and parking protocols, as well as some recommendations about good etiquette that will contribute to a civilized and agreeable EV experience.”

The EV Etiquette Guide also advises those using a rapid-charge points, to ensure they don’t stay longer than necessary and cause others to miss out.

People look at an EL6 electric vehicle launched by Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 15, 2023.It found 49 percent of the 2,000 car owners polled claimed they’re not clear at all on the general dos and don’ts when it comes to electric vehicle etiquette. PHOTO BY WANG XIANGJIANG/GETTY IMAGES 

Vauxhall’s research also found charging issues are high on the list of reasons gas or diesel drivers are discouraged from making the switch.

And 63 percent worry about a lack of charge points, with recent reports suggesting Britain’s network of EV chargers is struggling under the load.

But 37 percent of all the motorists polled believe the top benefit of driving an EV is the reduced impact on the environment.

While 43 percent would enjoy the lower running costs, and the same amount would benefit from no emission or congestion zone charges.

James Taylor, managing director, Vauxhall, said: “As part of our mission to electrify Britain and to become an electric-only brand from 2028, we are committed to making owning an electric vehicle as easy as possible.

‘’With over three quarters of drivers unsure on electric vehicle etiquette, this very British guide is designed to answer any of the day-to-day questions that prospective EV owners might have.”


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