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UK’s Blooming Confetti Fields Draw Crowds Seeking Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor

Real Flower Petal Confetti Company offers natural, biodegradable alternative to traditional confetti
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These glorious pictures show multicolored banded fields of confetti in full bloom in the Worcestershire, England countryside.

Natural confetti is made from freeze-dried flower petals, and it is completely biodegradable.

The colorful confetti fields. (TOM WREN/SWNS TALKER)

These fields of delphiniums, which belong to the Real Flower Petal Confetti Company in Pershore, will be in bloom for the next few weeks. This year, the company is celebrating 25 years of growing confetti. In addition to selling their natural, biodegradable confetti for weddings and events, the Real Flower Petal Confetti Company is also open for in person visits to their farm; plus, couples can pursue getting married on site at The Wedding Barn on the Wyke Manor Estate

Farmer Charles Hudson started the company after chancing across soggy paper confetti littering the grass outside his local church after a wedding. Many churches have banned the use of the stuff one their grounds just for that reason. Arriving home, he came up with a novel solution. Some petals fell from the flower bouquet he was carrying for his wife Cressida, and he had a “eureka” moment.

Charles recalled: “It just struck me that real flower petals might make a wonderfully natural and biodegradable alternative to the ghastly stuff over the road.”

People take a selfie in a field of delphiniums at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company in Wick near Pershore, Worcestershire. (JOE GIDDENS/PA IMAGES/GETTY)

He switched some fields from cereal production and planted rows of flowers which bloom at the start of June in time for the summer wedding season. Charles is now celebrating his 26th year growing natural confetti which has been used to grace weddings of celebrities including Madonna and Catherine Zeta Jones.

As a result of the wet spring and soaring June temperatures, Charles, 71, says he has a bumper crop with some plants growing more than 7ft high.

“The weather has sent them shooting up well over head height which is marvelous,” said Charles. “We’ve mown weaving paths across the fields this year, so people can truly get lost among the flowers. You feel wonderfully decompressed as a result, and you also enjoy spectacular panoramic views including Pershore Castle and beyond.”

The colorful confetti fields mown with weaving paths for visitors to enjoy (TOM WREN/SWNS TALKER)

Charles and Cressida, 63, a writer, are being joined in their venture this year by their son Gabriel, 29, who is keen to “learn the ropes”. The couple also has two daughters and one-year-old granddaughter Romilly who also help out in the busy summer months.

“Gabriel is learning the ropes. It’s been a long time learning, but he is joining us this year,” said Charles

The 40-acre site attracts thousands of visitors each year, with many traveling from around the world to stock up on the natural confetti. The flower fields are open to the public from June 30 until July 9.

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