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Kennedy Criticizes Biden’s Failed Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Democratic candidate vows to galvanize support for relief and reduce education costs.

“The unfortunate SCOTUS ruling striking down President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program was the predictable result of Biden’s failure to bring Congress together on this issue of crucial importance to young Americans,” Kennedy tweeted.

President Joe Biden’s ambitious student debt relief plan, aimed at alleviating $430 billion in student loan debt, was struck down on Friday by a decisive 6-3 ruling from the nation’s highest court.

Kennedy added that he would “galvanize public support to pressure Congress to put down their partisan positions and legislate meaningful relief to the tens of millions of Americans who are drowning in student debt.”

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. took a jab at his primary opponent, President Joe Biden, over the Supreme Court’s decision to shoot down his student loan forgiveness plan.Kennedy criticized President Biden’s failure to unite Congress on the issue, leading to the “predictable result” of the court’s ruling.Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits. PHOTO BY JAMIE MCCARTHY/GETTY IMAGES 


He went on to add that he would “also take steps to reduce education costs for students.”

“When I was their age, a college education cost about one-seventh of what it is today. A young person could work their way through college and graduate debt-free. If we devoted even a fraction of our military budget to higher education, it could be virtually free to all (as it is in many other countries),” Kennedy tweeted.

He ended the Twitter thread stating, “Funding higher education is not an entitlement program, it is an investment in America’s future, just as with infrastructure and environment. Let’s invest in America’s young people instead of in the forever wars.”

Why It Matters: In the current political landscape, Kennedy — the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy — remains a notable challenger to President Biden. Also, Kennedy’s vow to galvanize public support and pressure Congress suggests that he is positioning himself as an advocate for young Americans burdened by student loan debt.


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