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Taiwanese Restaurant’s Ghastly ‘Godzilla Ramen’ Dish Divides Online Opinion

Yunlin-based eatery's crocodile leg ramen sparks mixed reactions on social media

Feeling hungry? A small restaurant in Taiwan is causing mixed reactions online thanks to its ghastly latest dish.

Dubbed Godzilla Ramen by internet users, the Yunlin-based eatery calls their creation, “thick witch crocodile ramen.”

It features the leg of a crocodile appearing to crawl out of a noodle-filled bowl.

The Witch Cat ramen restaurant has, unsurprisingly, not had any takers for the cuisine yet.

They explained to local media that visitors want to take pictures for social media but are “afraid” to taste it, explaining “there are no customers to try.”

They say: “The witch uses more than forty kinds of natural spices and fresh ingredients to cook, and then injects the idea of love into the soup, mixes all elements and energy, and finally boils all kinds of expressions of love that belong to you.”

In a flowery explanation of the effect they feel the food may have, they write: “You may be blushing, your heart is beating, you may not be able to help yourself, you may be short of breath, drink it, and you will see through all appearances and awaken the purest and unconditional love in your heart.”

However, reactions from social media users have been mixed.

The dish has been popular on social media but restaurant owners say no one has eaten it yet. PHOTO BY WITCH CAT RESTAURANT/SWNS 

Negative responses have included “is a bit nasty,” “doesn’t look good” and “vomit vomit, can’t do it, it’s too creepy crawly, it reminds me of turtles.”

In the positive camp, comments include “I’m open to it” and “This should have a manicure to look more delicious.”

The restaurant adds: “Those who dare not eat crocodile are welcome to try another noodle soup with pork, beef and seafood.”

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