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Star Wars Super Fans Surprise Wedding Guests With StormTroopers

A couple spent £20,000 on a Star Wars-themed wedding, shocking attendees with an unexpected stormtrooper appearance.
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A couple surprised their guests with stormtroopers at their wedding after spending £20,000 ($25,254) on their Star Wars-themed day.

Kate and Edward Coates, both 38, knew they wanted to incorporate the popular franchise into their wedding after connecting over Star Wars when they met.

Kate and Edward on their wedding day with their surprise guests. (LW STUDIES/SWNS TALKER)

Kate wore R2D2 Heelys, had a Princess Leia figure in her bouquet and each guest was given a miniature lightsaber as wedding favors.

The Star Wars super fans decided to surprise their guests with Storm Troopers, kicking off the evening reception, and said everyone was “shocked” by their arrival.

Kate, a freelance graphic designer, from Keithley, West Yorkshire, England, said: “When we hired Storm Troopers, we actually held that from everyone, so no one knew they were coming.

“It was a massive surprise. Everyone was really shocked.

“The best man said, ‘oh, I can’t believe you did that. That was the best thing ever.’

“Rogue Trooper Hire sent us a few Star Wars-themed song mixes for our DJ to play whilst they were there, and they definitely came alive in those.”

Stormtroopers hit the dance floor. (JULIA SUNDERLAND/SWNS TALKER)

Kate and Edward, a plant operator, met in school but only started dating in December 2020, after discovering their children went to the same school.

Kate said: “We knew each other at school but were not close friends. Acquaintances I’d say.

“We just got chatting in the school playground and things just went from there.

“We started talking on Facebook. We spoke about Star Wars – that is how we kind of connected.”

After quickly hitting it off, Edward proposed in August 2020 and the couple knew they wanted a themed wedding.

Bride and groom share their first dance whilst a stormtrooper stands guard. (LW STUDIES/SWNS TALKER)

Kate said: “Star Wars was such a big part of us getting together. In our front room we have got a Darth Vader and stormtrooper hat each side of the tv.

“We have quite a lot of Star Wars things, so we thought we would incorporate it into the wedding in some way.

“I think it was just right. It was just such a good day.”

The couple tied the knot on May 28, 2023, at Hollins Hill, Baildon, and incorporated Star Wars in every way they could.

Kate and Edward’s Star Wars-themed wedding cake. (JULIA SUNDERLAND/SWNS TALKER)

Kate said: “My wedding shoes were R2D2 Heely. I had a Princess Leia figure in my bouquet.

“Everything had a little bit of Star Wars in it. Even the buttonholes had little Lego figures of Star Wars characters for each of the groomsmen, and they had Star Wars socks.”

The couple hired two Storm Troopers for £250 ($315) each.

Kate said: “The Storm Troopers arrived at 7 P.M. whilst we were cutting the cake.

“They escorted us to the dance and then kicked off the evening reception by dancing and entertaining the guests.”

They even bought a wedding runner in the style of the famous “In a galaxy far, far away” opening crawl text at the start of the films.

Kate said: “To be honest, it wasn’t hard to organize. We knew we wanted to have the two stormtroopers come.

“Each table had a character name, and the wedding favors were all miniature lightsabers, the red and blue ones. They looked really good in the photos.

“The ring box was also a little death star, so the best man had that – it was really cool.”

Kate and Edward’s favorite characters in Star Wars are the couple Hans and Princess Leia, an element of their marriage they hold very close to themselves.

Kate, Edward and a couple stormtroopers duck through a tunnel, of lightsabers. (LW STUDIES/SWNS TALKER)

Kate said: “That is me and him. We are actually thinking of getting Han and Leigh tattoos, matching ones.

“During the wedding shoot, we recreated the scene where Leigh kisses Hans to prove she loves him, and they came out so great.

“From start to finish it was just perfect.”

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