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Former Sailor Realizes Final Wish With Care Home’s Help

94-Year-Old Sailor Recreates Epic Voyage Photos After 45 Years

A 94-year-old former sailor who circumnavigated the globe has recreated pictures from her expedition with the help of her care home – 45 years later.

Kay Stevenson-Bromley said she had fulfilled her final wish after being pictured posing on the bow of a yacht one more time – nearly half a century since her epic voyage.

She managed to recreate the picture with help from staff at Falmouth Court Care Home in Falmouth, England, where she has lived since 2017.

Kay had said her one wish was to return to the seas aboard a yacht once again – so staff at the home made her wish a reality.

Haley Reeve-Larson, the general manager, who arranged the charter of the yacht, opted to take Kay out into Falmouth Bay to watch the air show on the UK’s Armed Forces Day.

Hugh Dickinson, Home Services Advisor, and Haley were determined to help Kay recreate a picture of Kay sitting on the bow of the yacht.

And Kay said she was overjoyed when her dream was realized.

Kay Stevenson-Bromley, 94, had dreamed of getting on a yacht again. PHOTO BY FALMOUTH COURT CARE/SWNS  

She said: “It was such an amazing day. The team helping me to recreate my picture from my earlier years was such fun and something I will treasure.

“It is such an amazing feeling to know that such a loving group of people care so much about me that they helped me to live out a dream – and I didn’t even ask.”

Haley said: “We believe that every moment is worth cherishing. We want everyone we care for to know how important they are to us here at Falmouth Court.

“It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team here in making our residents’ dreams come true. It was wonderful to see how happy Kay, Pat and Gerry were – and the staff loved being a part of this as well.”

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