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Kennedy Jr. Embraces Trump’s ‘Common-Sense’ Label In Town Hall

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. flattered by Trump's praise, refuses to attack him.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. refused to criticize Donald Trump on Wednesday and said he was flattered by the former president’s recent comments referring to Kennedy as a “common-sense guy.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 04: Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. marches up 5th Avenue in Midtown during the Israel Parade on June 04, 2023 in New York City. (John Lamparski/Getty Images) 

During the NewsNation town hall event, what the presidential candidate thinks about Trump, Kennedy said, “I’m not going to attack other people personally.”

Kennedy also expressed his satisfaction with the recent praise he has received from Trump, despite the former president’s ongoing legal issues as the frontrunner in the Republican primary for the White House. “I’m proud that President Trump likes me,” he said.

This came after GOP frontrunner Trump defended Kennedy in an appearance this week on “The Howie Carr Show.”

“Just hang in,” Trump said, advising Kennedy. 

“He’s been very nice to me; I’ve actually had a very nice relationship with him over the years. He’s a very smart guy and a good guy,” Trump said, adding, “He’s a common sense guy, and so am I. So, whether you’re conservative or liberal, common sense is common sense.”

The nephew of former president John F. Kennedy declined to pledge his support for Joe Biden if the incumbent president wins the party’s nomination in the 2024 primary. “I don’t know what I’ll do,” Kennedy said.

According to a recent survey carried out by St. Anselm College, Biden enjoys substantial support among Democratic primary voters in the early-voting state, with 68% favoring him. In contrast, Kennedy is polling at 9%, while Williamson follows closely at 8%, reported The Hill.

“Many Democrats fear that you’re a spoiler in the race, that you will damage President Biden in the primary and grease the skids for former President Trump to return to the Oval Office,” said moderator Elizabeth Vargas in his interview.

The field of Democrats includes Kennedy, Netflix star Joe Exotic, and author Marianne Williamson. 

Exotic is the only candidate that is currently campaigning from jail.

The Kennedy family remains fully behind President Joe Biden in the race for the White House.

Kennedy embraced the conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 vaccine and promoting anti-vaccine propaganda. He believes that the vaccines causes autism.

He was recently on the Joe Rogan’s podcast promoting his campaign but had stated that the CIA could potentially assassinate him.

The son of the Robert F. Kennedy believed the intelligence agencies were responsible for his father’s and uncle’s death, the late former President John F. Kennedy.

“I gotta be careful,” Kennedy replied. “I’m aware of that, I’m aware of that danger. I don’t live in fear of it — at all. But I’m not stupid about it and I take precautions.”

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