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Former Texas Congressman And CIA Officer Will Hurd Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

Hurd, an unabashed moderate, takes aim at Trump and emphasizes common sense during complicated times.
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Will Hurd, who represented the 23rd District of Texas in Congress from 2015 to 2021 and also served as a former undercover CIA officer, announced on June 22 that he is running for president.

“The son of a black salesman and white seamstress, in his 20s he served overseas in the CIA in dangerous places. In his 30s, he helped build a cybersecurity business and served three terms in Congress. In his 40s, he is now in business helping companies ensure America keeps its edge in technology,” said his campaign website.

The 45-year-old went after former President Donald Trump—the clear Republican front-runner—in an announcement video. “If we nominate a lawless, selfish, failed politician like Donald Trump—who lost the House, the Senate, and the White House—we all know Joe Biden will win again,” said Hurd in the video. 

A guest gets a book signed by former Texas Congressional Representative Will Hurd on April 22, 2023, in Clive, Iowa. Will Hurd In his 40s, who is now in business helping companies ensure America keeps its edge in technology launched his 2024 Republican Presidential Bid.  SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES

“America needs common sense during these complicated times,” added the candidate, whom the Texas Tribune called “an unabashed moderate.”

Hurd has commented about Israel and Iran often on social media. “Let’s not overcomplicate the Iran situation. The Iranian regime wants to have nuclear weapons. It is in the best interests of the United States, Israel, and the free world to stop that from happening,” said Hurd last January.

In April 2016, he posted a photo of himself alongside then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It’s a privilege to join Speaker Ryan as we seek to further strengthen our relationship with Israel,” said Hurd tagging the official Israel prime minister’s Twitter handle.

In 2019, he wrote a column titled “Standing with Israel Against Terrorism.”

“I am proud to stand behind our greatest ally in the Middle East,” he wrote. “I have made multiple trips to Israel and seen firsthand the threats they face every day.” In the piece, he also referred to “President Obama’s flawed nuclear deal with Iran.”

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