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Record Invasion Of Killer Asian Hornets Threatens UK Bee Population

Jersey sees 'astronomical' rise in hornet population, with 438 queens trapped this year

Volunteers from the Jersey Asian Hornet Group remove a killer hornet’s nest.

Britain could be facing a record invasion of killer Asian hornets after an “astronomical” rise in their population.

The explosion of the dangerous bugs has been recorded on the Channel Island of Jersey – their UK “frontline HQ.”

The battle there is seen as vital to stop the spread of the insects that could invade Britain and decimate the native bee population.

In 2022 on Jersey, 55 queens were caught and 174 nests discovered.

Volunteers leave traps to catch hornets.This is the largest ground based nest they have yet found.. The largest nest of Asian Hornets found on the ground in the UK’s ‘frontline’ launched a fresh attack – after surviving 28 HOURS in the freezer. PHOTO BY JOHN DE CATERET/SWNS

Volunteers from the Jersey Asian Hornet Group remove a giant hornet’s nest.

This year 438 queens were trapped, which could point to a mass rise in the number of nests.

Asian-hornet co-ordinator Alastair Christie said the numbers were ”an unprecedented, astronomical increase’.”

He said: “Despite catching 438, we may find that there are as many, if not more, nests than last year. We just don’t know at the moment.”

The species began to spread through Europe in 2004 after arriving in the south of France inside a freight ship.

They were was spotted in the British Isles on the Channel Island of Jersey in late 2016.

But after years of establishing themselves on Jersey and Guernsey, the battleground shifted last year to Southern England.

This led to calls for a “people’s army” to help fight off an impending invasion of killer hornets onto mainland Britain.

The hornets are able to kill with one sting among people who have an allergy while they also pose a threat to the environment and native species.

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