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80-Mile-Inland Seagulls Terrorize UK Residents, Attack Homes

Worcester locals demand council action as gulls dive-bomb and cover gardens with poo

Dive-bombing seagulls are keeping residents trapped in their homes, despite being 80 miles from the nearest coast.

Terrified residents living in Worcester, England say they cannot enjoy their gardens or put washing out without being attacked.

The gulls are nesting on Gordon Reid’s roof in Sandy’s Road in the Barbourne area of the town and he and his neighbors say they “run the gauntlet” every day.

Gordon, 71, said: “I honestly fear for our safety. I am planning a barbecue this weekend and there will be young children visiting.

“The thought of these birds attacking them and scaring them is very real.

“They have come down and tried to attack me and my neighbor several times and have covered our gardens with poo.

“They are vicious and I have no idea what to do about this.”

The nesting birds directly overlook Gordon’s garden and neighboring properties.

Gordon Reid is fearful for the safety of residents and visitors who could be attacked by the aggressive seagulls nesting on his roof. PHOTO BY ANITA MARIC/SWNS

They can be seen overhead circling and loudly squawking to warn off people before dive-bombing them and covering gardens and residents with poo.

Gordon is now demanding the council take action to protect locals from the angry birds.

He said: “I am not cruel and I do not want them harmed, I just need a resolution.

“At this stage I am going to have to go and put spikes up there or something similar as they will be back again otherwise.

“I phoned the company who said that they can only intervene once the gull chicks have fledge.

“I think it is a matter of public health.”

Gordon’s neighbor Ian Palmer filmed himself being attacked by the gulls in his garden on Tuesday, June 20.

The 61-year-old painter and decorator said: “I luckily caught this on video.

“The very moment I stepped out, the gull swooped down and narrowly avoided me while letting out a loud cry.

“I was getting ready to head out and put on a waterproof hat and coat when the bird defecated on me.

“Gordon and I are both dog owners so it is a concern when our dogs are outside as well, plus the weather has been largely really good lately and it makes you want to not sit in your garden and enjoy it.

“It might sound amusing to some people but running the gauntlet every time you go outside is not much fun.

“These gulls are huge too and could really do someone harm if they’re not careful.”

Another resident added: “It’s crazy that we’re being terrorised by seagulls even though we’re as landlocked as you can get.

“Gulls are a problem in the city but they are mainly an issue in the city centre but the council have done lots of things to deter them.

“I think that they have been pushed out to the residential areas which has just moved the problem to us.”

Towns and cities across the UK have seen an increase in reported seagull attacks.

The UK’s population of the birds – which can weigh up to 4lb and stand 2ft tall, with a 5ft wingspan – has increased four-fold in the past 20 years to 730,000.

A spokesperson for Worcester City Council said: “Whilst we don’t have a statutory duty to deal with gulls nesting on private property, we do our best to offer support to businesses and residents to help make their properties gull-proof.

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