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Dolphins Put On An Amazing Show For Tourists On British Coastline

Playful creatures leaped and flipped out of the water just feet from the boat, providing an hour-long spectacle.

A pod of dolphins puts on an amazing acrobatic display on a British coastline.

The playful creatures leaped into the air just off the coast of Amble, Northumberland, to the delight of tourists on a boat trip.

Linda Johnson, who lives nearby, captured the images last Friday, June 16.

The 68-year-old couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted the marine animals just feet
from the boat.

She said: “The dolphins really put on a show for the tourists.

“They were leaping out of the water and doing back flips and generally playing around.

The playful creatures leaped into the air just off the coast of Amble, Northumberland. PHOTO BY LINDA JOHNSON/SWNS

“I loved the fact they were just feet from the front of the boat. The holidaymakers must have been absolutely delighted.

“There was another lovely sequence of two dolphins taking turns to jump out of the water and at one moment it looked like they were almost kissing.

“They really come out to play at this time of year but normally you see them for a few minutes and then they’re gone but on Friday they were around for almost an hour.”

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