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How To Generate Passive Income With AI: Shark Tank Investor’s Strategy

Matt Higgins recommends using AI to create online courses and marketing materials to earn thousands per month.

As companies scramble to add AI to their workflows, the AI boom is really just getting started. If you are looking for a way to generate passive income, maybe you should try letting AI work for you

Matt Higgins, co-founder and CEO of RSE Ventures, has been featured as an investor on “Shark Tank,” has taught at Harvard Business School, and he’s helped to run two NFL teams, but if he had to start over again, he would use AI to generate “thousands” a month in passive income, per a CNBC report.


NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 27: Matt Higgins, co-founder and CEO of RSE Ventures during the Relevent Sports International Champions Cup Tournament Launch at the retail pop up (Photo by IRA L. BLACK/Corbis via Getty Images) 

The way to do it is to identify a fast-moving trend in a specific niche and use AI to become an “expert” in a short period of time, he said. 

“Scour the internet, go through TikTok and Instagram, watch YouTube videos and consume every AI tweet. Then distill everything you learned into a comprehensive document,” Higgins said.

Next, take the document and upload it into an online course creator like Courseau, which allows you to transform the text into an organized online course in minutes with the help of AI

After you’ve made the course product, you can use AI to come up with a name and logo for your brand. You can also use AI tools to build a website and generate marketing materials. 

Higgins recommends using Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT)-backed ChatGPT to come up with a marketing strategy.

“All you need to do is study up on the best prompts to get the most out of this magician,” he said. 

You can use ChatGPT to write newsletters, email campaigns and even come up with viral tweets, without writing any of it yourself, he added.”

The OpenAI ChatGPT logo is seen on a mobile phone in this photo illustration on 30 May 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo by JAAP ARRIENDS/NurPhoto via Getty Images) 

Then businessses can sit back and let the passive income from their new brand grow. 

If anyone can get really good at prompting ChatGPT to spit out ideal information, people might even be able to land a gig as an “AI content assistant.”

According to a separate report, individuals who are able to take raw content and use AI to turn it into marketing material, newsletters and social media posts are in high demand and can make good money. 

As an AI prompter or assistant, businesses and contractors can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour and offer services on freelance sites. The trend is just getting started and as more companies look to incorporate AI, more companies will be looking for help being efficient with tools like ChatGPT.

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