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Tim Cook Admits ChatGPT Excites Him But Says AI Capable Of ‘Worse’ Things Than Bias, Misinformation

The Apple CEO has stated that the new technology needs regulations as it is called into question regarding its capability.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook recently revealed that he uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT, yet his perspective on advancements in artificial intelligence remains essentially unchanged

Apple CEO Tim Cook stands next to the new Apple Vision Pro headset is displayed during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 05, 2023, in Cupertino, California. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the annual WWDC23 developer conference with the announcement of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/BENZINGA

Last month, OpenAI announced the availability of its highly anticipated iOS application for chatGPT in the U.S. with promises to launch the Android version soon. 


This illustration photograph taken with a macro lens shows The OpenAI company logo reflected in a human eye at a studio in Paris on June 6, 2023. ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence software application developed by OpenAI. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images) 


Recently, during an interview with Good Morning America, Apple CEO revealed that he also uses the much-talked-about AI-powered chatbot. 

“Of course, I use it. I am excited about it.” 

However, the tech stalwart didn’t hesitate to reiterate the point he made earlier during the forecast-beating results of the fiscal year’s second quarter. 

“It’s so important to be very deliberate and very thoughtful in the development and deployment of these because they can be so powerful that you worry about things like bias and things like misinformation, maybe worse in some cases.” 

Cook further stated that regulations are needed in space, but given that the technology is evolving rapidly, they might be unable to catch up. This is why he suggested that companies make their own ethical decisions. 

In May also, Cook echoed the same sentiments by acknowledging that several issues need to be addressed and sorted in the AI field, but its potential is “certainly very interesting.” 

“We do integrate it into our products today. People don’t necessarily think about it as AI, what people are now talking about are these large language models and I think they have great promise. I do think that it’s so important to be very deliberate and very thoughtful in the development and the deployment of these,” said Cook. 

It was previously reported that Apple has invested in generative AI, but there aren’t many details available regarding the developments. Although, the lack of updates regarding the same aligns with the tech giant’s tendency to maintain a certain level of secrecy around its research and product development.

It is pertinent to note that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one of the most vocal tech moguls who have spoken against the rapid developments in the field of AI. 

In March, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur joined over a thousand individuals, including Elon Musk, to sign an “open letter” advocating for a six-month halt from developing AI systems “more powerful” than GPT-4. 

Musk has been an advocate for regulating AI as he has warned the implications of the consequence relying on the technology. He was previously part of the founding OpenAI as Musk and CEO Sam Altman had differences in opinion.

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