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Seagulls Desperately Try To Steal McDonald’s Through Windshield On YouTube

The birds attacked the glass haplessly as seagulls desperately try to steal McDonald’s through windshield.

Hilarious footage shows a flock of seagulls desperately trying to steal a McDonald’s through a car windshield.

A flock of seagulls swarmed the car in Härnösand, Sweden desperately trying to steal a McDonald’s. SCREENSHOT/YOUTUBE/SWNS TALKER

The short clip was filmed in Härnösand, Sweden.

The occupants of the car can be heard laughing as the seagulls haplessly peck at the windshield.  SCREENSHOT/YOUTUBE/SWNS TALKER

The video shows the birds attacking the glass in a bid to get to fries sitting on a car’s dashboard – while the occupants laugh.

Produced in association with SWNS Talker

Edited by Alberto Arellano and Joseph Hammond

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