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Rare Yellow VW Beetle Matchbox Toy Sells For Over $8,000 At Auction

The pricey toy was among a rare collection that reached over $164,000 when they went under the hammer.

A yellow Matchbox model of a VW Beetle with a “Monte Carlo Rally” plate has sold for £6,960 ($8,684) at auction, more than ten times its estimate.

The pricey toy was among a rare collection that reached a whopping total of £131,650 ($164,261) when they went under the hammer.

A rare yellow VW Beetle Matchbox sold for over $8,000 at auction. VECTIS AUCTIONS/SWNS TALKER

And many of the miniatures, produced in the 1970s by British manufacturer Lesney, sold for well above their predicted price tags during the sale on Tuesday, May 30.

The top-rated unboxed VW Beetle came in a pre-production yellow trial color, with an ivory interior, bare metal base, chrome hubs, and black plastic tires.

And with its Monte Carlo Rally plate and a date stamp stating “Made in England by Lesney,” it smashed its estimate of roughly £600 ($748) to reach £6,960 ($8,684) at the auction.

A horse trailer model with a green cab, chrome grill and a light grey plastic-type body also beat its estimate of £500 ($623) to sell for £1,320 ($1,646).

Matchbox vehicles: A horse trailer model sold for $1,600. VECTIS AUCTIONS/SWSN TALKER

While a car transporter toy in factory pre-production light grey, with clear windows and a red ramp went for £2,520 ($3,144) after experts predicted it would also sell for £500 ($623).

Others in the auction included “Superfast 14b Mini Ha-Ha Dragster,” which sold for £2,040 (42,545) after it was predicted to reach roughly £300 ($374).

While a Superfast 32b Maserati Bora with a blue body and a Ford Mustang Vantastic in lime green both reached £1,320 ($1,646) after being estimated at £400 ($499) apiece.

Two Superfast 45a Ford Group 6 went for £1,800 ($2,245) each after they were both predicted to sell for around £500 ($623).

A yellow toy Mercedes convertible with a black top. VECTIS AUCTIONS/SWNS TALKER

And a Superfast 70d Ferrari 308 GTB in green went under the hammer at £1,680 ($2,096).

A Super Kings K94 Saval Kronenberg B.V. MAC 12 Airport Crash Tender also sold for £1,680 ($2,096) while a Superfast 6b Mercedes 350SL went for £1,440 ($1,796).

Lesney made the cars during a period where it was battling rival Mattel for supremacy after the US corporation brought its Hot Wheels toys to the UK in 1968.

The British stalwart, which had been founded by Leslie and Rodney Smith in 1947, attempted to counter the threat with its range of “Superfast” products.

They’d previously exported tens of millions of cars to America, but sadly, expensive manufacturing costs and waning interest led the business to go bankrupt in 1982.

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