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AI Vs. Bitcoin: Who Reigns Supreme In Battle Of Search Trends?

AI falls short of the unparalleled hype that surrounded the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin 

While the interest in the term “AI” is at an all-time high, it still falls short of the unparalleled hype that surrounded the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin (CRYPO: BTC), in 2017. 

Artificial Intelligence has been creating ripples as it gains prominence in our everyday lives. However, a recent analysis based on Google Trends data has revealed an intriguing contrast, reported Business Insider. 

According to the analysis conducted by AllianceBernstein, while the interest in AI is currently at an all-time high, it has yet to catch the dizzying heights of the Bitcoin frenzy witnessed in 2017

However, earlier this month, it was reported that global search interest in Bitcoin has reached its lowest level since 2021. At the time, the Trends data indicated a sharp decline from the peak in May 2021.

Mark Schilsky, the TMT sector specialist at AllianceBernstein, presented a line chart during a recent investors meeting, illustrating a comparison of three highly-discussed search terms in the tech industry: “AI,” “Metaverse,” and “Bitcoin.” 

He identified these terms as the most buzzworthy segments within the realm of technology. 

A Bitcoin ATM, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap that operates free of any central control and that relies on a peer-to-peer software and cryptography, on the BitBase stand during the Mobile World Congress 2023 on March 10, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.  PHOTO BY JOAN CROS/GETTY IMAGES

The disparity in search frequency between “AI” and “Bitcoin” during the peak of Bitcoin’s mania in 2017 could be attributed to the fact that terms like “artificial intelligence” and “AI” have been in existence for several decades, tracing back to at least the 1950s, the report noted. 

In contrast, Bitcoin was a relatively novel invention at the time, prompting a surge of curiosity and intense online searches.

Meanwhile, much to the disappointment of Mark Zuckerberg, it is a well-known fact that the metaverse has yet to experience a substantial surge in search interest. Although, now that players like Apple are also entering the market, this may pick up pace

In November last year, OpenAI launched its AI-powered chatbot, chatGPT, for public testing, and since then, this conversational technology has taken the digital world by storm. The chatbot started an AI arms race with big tech companies like Microsoft and Google, fighting for the ultimate dominance

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