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Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Like How Elon Musk Is Handling Twitter, But Thinks One Feature Is Great

Dorsey has regretted the decision to block the New York Post from posting the Hunter Biden story that has sparked controversy.

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey may not see eye-to-eye with Elon Musk’s leadership style, but he thinks one particular feature is “great.” 

A few weeks ago, netizens started noticing something ironic in place of the location at the bottom of their tweets. While many didn’t like the implication of this new “from Earth” attribution, others argued that maybe Musk is waiting for the time when people start tweeting from Mars. 

Electric car maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks to another CEO before a roundtable during the 6th edition of the “Choose France” Summit at the Chateau de Versailles, outside Paris on May 15, 2023. Since 2018, the Choose France Summit seeks to promote France’s economic attractiveness and encourage international investment across the country and brings together hundreds of leaders from the largest multinational corporations. LUDOVIC MARIN/BENZINGA

While netizens have not been able to come to a consensus on whether they like this new feature, it appears Dorsey is team Musk because he thinks that the “from Earth” attribution is just “great.” 

Twitter enables users to geotag their tweets. The feature allows users to attach a geographical location to their post, indicating where the tweet was posted from. Under Musk, the social media platform enabled users to specify their location as “from Earth,” a move that some have led some to joke that the service could be available on Mars someday.

Dorsey, who once said he was happy to have Musk join the company’s board, has been criticizing the tech billionaire and how he handles the microblogging site.

In December 2022, Dorsey commented on Musk’s release of the “Twitter Files,” naming “three principles” that he’d come to believe. “The Twitter when I led it and the Twitter of today do not meet any of these principles.”

Twitter files also included the exposure to the Hunter Biden in relation to the laptop scandal. These company confidential files propelled further investigations into the Biden family ties to Ukraine.

During the weekend, Dorsey took to the microblogging site and tweeted, “America has a problem.” While he provided no more information, Musk asked if it was “Too many social media companies?” 

For the unversed, Dorsey now backs the platform’s rival Bluesky, a project initially incubated within Twitter in 2019 — long before Musk acquired the company for $44 billion. 

Dorsey and Musk have seen eye-to-eye since the Tesla CEO took over the social media giant. The Twitter co-founder later stated that the company wouldn’t have survived as a public company.

“The company would have never survived as a public company,” Dorsey said about Musk taking over Twitter. “I wish it were different.”

After the release of the Twitter files, Dorsey later stated that he regretted the decision to block the New York Post from blocking the Hunter Biden story.

“We required them to delete the tweet, and then they could tweet it again,” Dorsey said.

Bluesky is now a public benefit company and, according to Dorsey, “an open decentralized standard for social media.”

The new social platform is currently in development that works a lot like Twitter, but it’s an invitation only.

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