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HBO Intern’s Mortifying Mistake Sparks Online Solidary With Dear Intern

A mistake lead to an intern's lesson in communication as she sent a test email to HBO' subscribers.
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An HBO intern who mistakenly sent a test email to thousands of subscribers has sparked a global movement of other junior workers sharing their funny blunders.

The trainee sent out a blank email to a large portion of HBO Max’s mailing list, leaving the poor intern red-faced.

An intern pictured in the picture. An HBO intern mistakenly sent a test emial to thousands of subscribers that sparked a global movement. ANDREA PIACQUADIO/SWNS TALKER

Thankfully, HBO confirmed in a tweet they were helping the intern through their mistake.

It quickly gave rise to a viral phenomenon of people posting #dearintern messages, sharing stories of their own work-related errors in solidarity.

Mistakes ranged from hilarious send to all emails, to deleting databases and setting off fire alarms.

One employee was tasked with sending out a ‘thank you’ message on behalf of the board of directors with a link to a custom “Thank You” video.

However, the link actually redirected to a lady in her pajamas reviewing crisps – the user said their blunder left them crying.

The Tweet said: “Dear Intern, one time I sent out an email on behalf of the organization’s board of directors with a link to a custom “Thank You” video that was meant to show appreciation.

“The link redirected to a lady in her pajamas loudly reviewing hot Cheetos recipe fails. I cried twice that day.”

Getting a name wrong is an easy mistake to make, but one worker made a rather embarrassing spelling mistake.

Instead of the intended ‘Alan’, the sender instead wrote ‘Dear Anal’ – made worse by the fact the email was being sent to a CEO of a ‘large’ company.

Another new started said they accidentally deleted the entire company production database – in their first week.

A Head of Digital accidentally emailed the CEO with the phrase ‘The Penis Regulator’ instead of ‘The Pension Regulator.’

Thankfully for them, the mistake was ignored, and their blushes were spared.

One writer had been using what she thought was a private calendar to make a monthly note of when she started her menstrual period, but had instead been posting it on a shared company-wide calendar.

One Twitter user spoke about the fact their mistake resulted in the arrival of eight fire engines after they knocked an extinguisher off the wall, covering their colleagues in goo and setting off the alarm.

An HR recruitment expert shared their story of unintentionally mixing work with pleasure after they shared pictures of a stag weekend on a job posting.

The Tweet read: “#dearintern Once I managed to cut and paste an email to my mate about a recent stag weekend as opposed to the intended Word doc and post it as a job advert. The boss was not happy, but was a good weekend.

Others included the mortifying mistake of telling the wrong family their relative had died.

They said: “#dearintern, when I was a new ER nurse a patient came in by ambulance with CPR in progress, and she didn’t make it.

“A family came to the desk and said their grandma was just brought in. I sat them down and had the doctor go tell them she had passed. It was the wrong family.”


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