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Drone Reveals Harbor that Looks Like A Dolphin

Was this created on porpoise? The post Drone reveals harbor that looks like a dolphin appeared first on Talker.

Photographer Rhys Jones was amazed to see the likeness in an aerial picture he took over Pwllheli in Wales.

Rhys has taken his drone over the marina many times but this was the first time he noticed the aquatic appearance of the landscape.

The 37-year-old, who has been taking drone photos as a hobby for the past two years, said: “Once seen it it cannot be unseen.

This drone photo reveals a harbor that looks like a dolphin. Rhys Jones, a 37 years old photographer, has been taking drone photos for the past two years. PHOTO BY PWLLHELI DRONE PHOTOS/SWNS

“In all my flight time over over the Pwllheli harbor I have never noticed this as much as last night, spectacular!”

He added: “I have taken many photos of the beautiful area we live in. I have been over the marina many times but only just noticed this amazing landscape on this occasion.”

The pictures have gained a lot of interest from locals on his Facebook page, Pwllheli Drone Photos.

One jokingly asked: “Was this created on porpoise?”

Another said: “Lovely shot. No it’s not, it’s a brilliant shot!”

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