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A Gathering Of People Named Kyle Gather A Kyle, Texas Festival

Sadly the attempt fell short of the target as piles of Kyles met in person where the city was showcasing pride for the name.

A city in Texas called Kyle has attempted to break the world record for the biggest-ever gathering of people with the same name – Kyle.

City leaders were aiming to beat the current record of 2,325 Ivans who descended on the town of Kupres in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017.

A crowd of men wearing “Kyle” t-shirt representing the city of Kyle, Texas. The city of Kyle attempted to break the record of gathering men with name Kyle. CITY OF KYLE/SWNS TALKER

Kyles from as far afield as Hawaii, Canada and Alaska flocked to the ‘Gathering of the Kyles’ at the Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza on Sunday, May 21.

Drone footage shows the attendees swarming into the event all wearing white.

But sadly the attempt fell short of the target, with just 1,490 Kyles attending before the 6 pm deadline.

A spokesperson for the city of Kyle said: “On Sunday, May 21, Kyles from all over the world came to the City of Kyle in hopes of beating the record of 2,325 people with the same first name to gather at the same time in the same place.

Aerial view of the gathering of Kyles. A major gather of men with the same name as people gather around for the Kyle Festival celebrating name of the people and the name of the city. CITY OF KYLE/SWNS TALKER

“After a thorough count and recount of all registrations, we had a total of 1,490 Kyles in attendance,” A spokesperson for the city of Kyle said in a state. “We are so grateful to the hundreds of Kyles that attended the Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza to participate in this World Record attempt.”

The city of Kyle isn’t the only town in Texas where a person’s name is the same as the town.

Other town that include common names include Austin (the state capital), Allen, Katy, Tyler, Alice and Terrell. 

“Kyles from all over the country answered the call, with Kyles from 49 of the 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, attending the Gathering of the Kyles — the majority of which came from all reaches of Texas.”

The festival was intent of pride for the name of Kyle celebrating both the person’s name and the city.

“We also had global representation with attendees from Ontario, Calgary, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Canada.”

Sadly, the world record attempt failed. Men wore white t-shirts with the name Kyle. CITY OF KYLE/SWNS TALKER

“We thank the many Kyles that turned out for this event and were blown away by their enthusiasm and camaraderie.”

Men wore t-shirts with the name Kyle as they attempted to break a world record with the name Kyle from men across the U.S. and Canada.

“We hope even more Kyles will join us next year when we once again attempt to break the record for the largest same-name gathering,” said the spokesperson for the city of Kyle, Texas. “We look forward to putting on an even bigger, better attempt at this record and hope that Kyles far and wide help us spread the word in order to break this long-standing record.”

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