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How ChatGPT Helped This NYC Car Owner Beat A $115 Parking Ticket

Imagine receiving a $115 parking ticket for parking in a crosswalk

The use of AI can be useful for a person by their side, even if comes to a cost related factor.

Imagine receiving a $115 parking ticket for parking in a crosswalk. But what if an AI chatbot could help you contest it? Well, that’s exactly what a New York City car owner did. With OpenAI‘s ChatGPT by his side, he took on the challenge head on.

New York City car Boot on wheel, used when driver hasn’t paid outstanding tickets or ignored, Queens, New York. A New York resident used ChatGPT to fight off a $115 ticket. LINDSEY NICHOLSON/BENZINGA

When a New York City car owner received a $115 parking ticket for allegedly parking in a crosswalk, he pondered the possibility of using ChatGPT to contest the citation on his behalf.

In a first-person account on Fast Company, the car owner said that he had parked the vehicle in a space that would otherwise be considered an “unmarked crosswalk” — an area that has no painted lines, but is positioned between two pedestrian ramps.

He added as the location was situated at a T-intersection, devoid of signage or traffic lights, “the area wasn’t actually a crosswalk under New York City law.”

It was a subtle thing that the traffic cop didn’t notice, but which served as the foundation for the car owner to enlist the help of a chatbot.

Turning to GPT-4, he fed the chatbot the official definition of a crosswalk according to NYC parking laws. Embarking on a series of tests, the car owner ensured that the chatbot comprehended other relevant NYC parking regulations. Encouraged by the bot’s competence, he issued a directive — “Please compose a legal letter contesting the parking violation based on the information provided.”

This incident highlights the significance of providing accurate prompts to ChatGPT for desired responses.

According to the owner, what unfolded after he provided his prompts to the chatbot showed a remarkable display of AI capability. GPT-4 generated a flawlessly structured letter, meticulously outlining the applicable statutes and cogently arguing why the parking spot should not be deemed a crosswalk. Even a reference to photographic evidence and a respectful closing were incorporated.

With his name added, and the necessary photos uploaded, the car owner submitted the letter through the city’s website. The judge’s decision went in favor of the car owner — “Not Guilty,” stated the verdict.

ChatGPT is seen as the future of technology where it can replace human labor in various sectors. 

The technology was featured in ABC News where Rebecca Jarvis interviewed Sam Altman on the cutting edge technology. Questions remain how the technology will be and how it plays a role in society.

The technology can be downloaded in the AppStore or Google as ChatGPT. OpenAI was invested by Microsoft.

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