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Iranian Activist Masih Alinejad Faced Threats In The UK Appearing On Pierce Morgan’s Show

The Ayatollah believed that the women were being manipulated for not wear the hajib as Iranian women continue to defy tradition.

The United Kingdom is protecting the life of the Iranian dissident and women’s rights activist Masih Alinejad, very active on social media, who is threatened by Iran, as she has explained herself. 

The women in Iran began a revolution to break tradition without wearing headscarves that was challenging the country’s theocracy of Islam.

(L-R) Valerie von Sobel, Masih Alinejad and Kat Graham attend TIME Women of the Year at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on March 08, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. STEFANIE KEENAN/EL NACIONAL EN

Iran follows Islamic law, like in other Middle East countries other than Israel, women are to abide by wearing headscarves.

It all began when Alinejad, who resides in the USA, undertook a visit to several European countries a few days ago to argue the need to define the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. 

After meeting with European leaders such as French president Emmanuel Macron and Dutch PM Mark Rutte, Alinejad has traveled to the UK, and it is there that threats to here life from the Iranian regime have been detected, which London’s Metropolitan Police consider serious and credible.

According to The Guardian, as a result of this situation, the United Kingdom has decided on 24-hour protection for Alinejad during her stay in the country, to prevent any aggression. 

“Thanks to the UK government for close protection. I’m in the UK until Saturday to meet lawmakers and make the case for the proscription of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization.
Islamic Republic challenging the UK government on UK soil,” said the activist on social media. 

The police have asked her to advise them of all her movement in advance, in order to prepare security measures.

“Last night after my appearance on Piers Uncensored. Metro Police UK sent a close protection team to my hotel because of high threat level. The terrorist regime of Iran is challenging the UK on its own soil. Now thanks to police I am speaking at #sirharrysummit to demand the UK gov,” Alinejad said on Twitter.

Alinejad left Iran in 2009 and has been living in the US since 2014. She became an international figure when she created a Facebook page inviting Iranian women to post photos without the Islamic veil, a symbol of women’s oppression. 

“The surveillance is quite shocking, because I know the British are a bit relaxed when it comes to death threats. Now, I believe that the level of the threat is very intense, and it’s very serious. And that shows the Islamic Republic actually challenging the UK government on UK soil,” she added. 

With a social media following of more than 8 million users, the activist describes herself as “a channel for those who lack a voice.”

It is not the first time that the Iranian regime has threatened Alinejad, who has experienced assassination and kidnapping attempts, as she herself has explained.

Iran and Afghanistan are the only two countries enforcing hijab for women.

“They are unaware of who is behind this policy of removing and fighting hijab,” the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, Iran’s supreme leader. “The enemy’s spies and the enemy’s spy agencies are pursuing this matter. If they know about this, they will definitely not take part in this.”

Akhamenei claimed that women who were refusing to wear the hijab were being manipulated.

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