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The Upcoming Presidential Election Poised For A 2020 Rematch As Biden Announces Re-Election Bid

Approval ratings for Biden remain low with questions on the economy and the possibility that the US could default on its debt.

President Joe Biden (D) announced his campaign for re-election in 2024. Biden’s entry brings the tally of noteworthy presidential candidates to four Democrats, five Republicans, and one Republican with an exploratory committee.

US President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with his Investing in America Cabinet in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Friday, May 5, 2023. Biden is facing a 40 percent approval rating as he faces questions on the economy. DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/BALLOTPEDIA

In addition to announcing his campaign, Biden announced his campaign leadership. Senior White House Advisor Julie Chavez Rodriguez will serve as campaign manager. Quentin Fulks, who worked on Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-Ga.) 2022 re-election campaign, will be deputy campaign manager. Co-chairs for the campaign include Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), former DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.), Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.).

“I have acquired a hell of a lot of wisdom and know more than the vast majority of people,” said Biden on his re-election campaign. “And I’m more experienced than anybody that’s ever run for the office. And I think I’ve proven myself to be honorable as well as also effective.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (D) issued a statement responding to Biden’s re-election campaign announcement.

Kennedy is the son of former Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of the former President John F. Kennedy and former Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. He is anti-vaxxer activist and is currently married to actress Cheryl Hines.

Marianne Williamson (D) held an event in New York City on April 22 and campaigned in Michigan on April 24. She also issued a statement responding to Biden’s re-election campaign on April 25.

Joseph Maldonado, (D) also known as Joe Exotic, a former zookeeper, announced his bid for President of the United States first as an independent then registered as a Democrat to challenge Biden in a debate. 

Exotic, who became known in the Netflix series Tiger King, is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence for conspiring on a murder-for-hire plot against his rival Carole Baskin. The Tiger King’s lawyers are appealing the cast as Allen Glover told the authorities that he committed perjury in his testimony to the grand jury amid a plot from him and Jeff Lowe to plot to kill Exotic.

“President Biden slapped every American in the face that is stuck in the American Justice system with this one by swapping Brittney Griner with Viktor Bout,” said Exotic of Biden freeing Brittney Griner from a Russian prison.

The DNC are not taking any primary opponents opposing Biden very seriously as they remain united behind the current president.

GOP candidates include Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Corey Stapleton as possible alternative to former President Donald Trump.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), still exploring a possible presidential campaign, also spoke at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event on April 22 and issued a statement responding to Biden’s re-election campaign on April 25.

Trump (R) held a campaign event in New Hampshire on April 27. He campaigned in Florida on April 21 and released an ad criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on April 24. Trump also issued a statement on Biden’s re-election campaign on April 24.

There is no telling when DeSantis will enter the race as he has not entered the race, yet remain behind in the primary polls against Trump.

Trump is current ahead in the poll in the Republican primary ahead of the other GOP candidates. Democrats remain united behind President Biden despite voters not wanting to see a second rematch of Trump vs. Biden.

Democratic voters have polled that 88% will vote for Biden again as 47% of Republican voters will vote for Trump.

Trump remain unpopular with independent voters as 6 out of 10 Americans don’t want him to be president again. The former president legal woes remain a problem for most voters that includes the New York investigation in hush money payments, E. Jean Carroll rape case, classified documents, January 6, and the Georgia election interference. Five members of the Proud Boys, right wing extremists loyal to Trump, were found guilty by a federal grand jury conspiring to attacking the Capitol, as the defendants’ attorneys blamed Trump for the insurrection.

Biden is currently facing a 40 percent approval in the polls as he is faced with questions on the economic with the troubles on rising inflation. The incumbent president will be facing tough challenges as the Republicans in the House passed the spending bill that doesn’t raise the debt ceiling. Republicans opposed raising the debt ceiling putting the U.S. in a fiscal cliff that could default on its debt.

He is expected to meet with Speak of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as the U.S. is approaching the June 1 deadline to raise the debt ceiling.

President Biden will be 81-years-old on election day as voters remained concerned about his age. If re-elected, he will be the oldest re-elected president in U.S. history.

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