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Luciano Nagel

Luciano Nagel (São Leopoldo, July 5th, 1976) is a journalist based in Porto Alegre, Southern region of Brazil. He is graduated in Social Media – Major: Journalism from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (University of Vale dos Sinos) in São Leopoldo city and post-graduated in Logistics and National Mobilization of the National War College – ESG in Rio de Janeiro. Luciano works as a correspondent for O Estado de São Paulo, ‘’Estadão’’ (a daily newspaper), Universo Online (UOL) and foreign correspondent for Deutsche Welle in Germany. The journalist has worked in some of Brazil's largest newsrooms as a copywriter, reporter and editor, such as Radio CBN in Rio Janeiro, Radio Guaíba, Radio Bandeirantes and Band News FM in Southern of the country. At Radio CBN he covered the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (July 2016). At Radio Guaíba and Bandeirantes he worked as a reporter. Always as special correspondent, Nagel participated in the coverage from the Chile earthquake (February 2010), Chilean miners rescue (October 2010), Haitian presidential elections and Cholera epidemic in Haiti (November 2010), Presidential elections in Brazil (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018), Chagas epidemic in Bolivia (August 2012) and World Cup in Brazil (2014). In 2009 he was fellow of Heinz-Kühn-Stiftung in Germany who the aim of the foundation is to support the training and professional development of junior journalists. In 2015, after his resignation from Radio Bandeirantes, Luciano Nagel was recognized as the most awarded journalist in the Southern region of Brazil according to the website with the story “Na boleia do caminhão aos confins do Brasil''. The reporter won three important awards, all with themes related to transportation - ABCR and CNT, in the Radio journalism category, and the Setcergs Journalism Grand Prize, which together guaranteed him 85 points and leadership in the South region, according to the website. Divided into five parts, the special story is available via soundcloud.
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