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Errol Spence Jr. Dismisses Keith Thurman As Comeback Opponent

Spence wary of Thurman's injury history and lack of activity, seeks consistent and reliable adversary for return to the ring.

When asked if he would like to use Keith Thurman as his “comeback fight,” Errol Spence Jr. responded with a simple “Nahh.”


It makes sense that the 35-year-old “One Time” Thurman (30-1, 22 KOs), the former three-belt unified welterweight champion Spence (28-1, 22 KOs), would not want to face him.


Spence shouldn’t trust Thurman to be his return opponent because the last thing he needs is to train for months only to have “One Time” appear unimpressive after sustaining a biceps injury. 


Nothing about it is personal. Thurman is too brittle these days, largely from his idleness but also in part from his senior age. Thurman hasn’t been active enough—he’s only fought three times in the last seven years—and his body can’t take the sudden change from years of couch surfing to having to endure a taxing training camp.


Between 2014 and 2018, when Spence was still among the finest welterweights in the division and at the prime of his career, Thurman avoided him like the plague.

It’s too late now that Thurman is desperate, down on his luck, and in need of Spence’s encouragement. Thurman asks Spence to throw him a life preserver to protect him from sinking since his career is about to disappear. 


Spence wants a consistent opponent who can make a comeback, not someone who will give up the fight the moment he takes a cut. One of the younger competitors may utilize Thurman as a trial horse to gain some experience. Thurman could easily wind up on the injured list and squander time for a younger fighter. 


Due to his numerous injuries, Spence is too old for Thurman to keep delaying matches with him. Thurman missed his opportunity to capitalize on Spence’s offer.

“Keith Thurman might be a good comeback fight for Errol Spence,” suggested a fan in a post on X but Spence replied “Nahh.” 


Spence Jr. and Thurman have a lengthy history together, and while the latter was in possession of the WBA welterweight title, there was tension and a pursuit between them. However, “One Time” would later climb to 154 before stalling out. Interestingly, Thurman has only engaged in three fights in the previous seven years, raising questions about whether his body is capable of withstanding the same kind of punishment at this point.

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