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An Astonishing $150–200 Million Is Canelo’s Asking Price For Benavidez.

Canelo Alvarez stated that he would face David Benavidez for a sum of "150 to 200 million."

A battle between superstar Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez is reportedly worth between $150 and $200 million. Canelo promises to fight the following day if offered that sum of money.


Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) now claims that the money he would receive for fighting Benavidez would only be “25 [million] more” than he would get from fighting anyone else. He also claims that the fight rates between 150 and 200 million, thus it isn’t worth it in his opinion. 

This implies that a bout between Canelo, 33,  from Mexico and Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) won’t take place if the Saudis aren’t willing to provide that much money since no American promoter has that much money. Additionally, Benavidez would probably demand at least half of Canelo’s payoff if it were between $150 and $200 million. When it comes to securing $300 million in guaranteed purses for a megafight between Canelo and Benavidez, no promoter can match the Saudis.

“Who is he to offer me money?” Canelo Alvarez questioned David Benavidez about whether or not he had given him a $50 million fight offer. “If he offered the amount he says, that amount I can make with anybody. That’s nothing.”


Canelo’s assertions make logic. The US promoters would only pay him a little bit more than he would have fought anyone else for a fight versus Benavidez. There isn’t enough motivation for him to accept the fight if all he stands to win from facing Benavidez is an additional $25 million. 

“Maybe, who knows?” Canelo questioned whether Benavidez and him fighting was the biggest possible bout. “He brings nothing to the table for me. He just brings 25 [million] more on the fight that night, and that’s it.”


“But I feel he’s nothing to offer me money. I’m the one. If a promoter comes to me and offers me 150 or 200 million, I fight tomorrow. That’s the reason I fight with him because the only thing he brings to the table is 25 [million] more. I don’t need to fight anybody. I don’t need to prove to anybody because I remember when this happened with Golovkin,” said Canelo when questioned if he felt under pressure to fight Benavidez.

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