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‌Erickson Lubin Ranked Below Fighter He Just Beat By WBC‌

Lubin's strategic finesse leads to victory as WBC rankings stir debate in the aftermath of electrifying bout.
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On the electrifying night of September 30, 2023, under the dazzling lights of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the boxing world witnessed a clash of titans in the 154-pound division. Challenger Erickson Lubin, boasting a record of 26-2 with 18 knockouts, stepped into the ring against the undefeated Jesus Ramos Jr., with an impressive record of 20-1, 16 KOs. What followed was a bout filled with drama, controversy, and redemption.


Despite being labeled as the underdog, Lubin showcased his boxing prowess, employing a strategy of finesse and precision. Utilizing “Boxing 101” tactics, Lubin opted for a strategy of sticking and moving, effectively countering Ramos’s strength throughout the match. Despite being outlanded in punches, Lubin’s calculated approach paid off, leading him to victory via a contentious unanimous decision.


In the aftermath of the bout, opinions were divided. Ramos, despite his belief that he had done enough to win, graciously accepted defeat, acknowledging Lubin’s sharpness and game plan. Meanwhile, Lubin, having overcome previous setbacks against the likes of Sebastian Fundora and Jermell Charlo, saw his victory as a ticket back into contention for a world title. ““I felt like I did a little more than him, but that’s alright,” said Ramos in media reports.


The pivotal moment of the match came in the closing rounds when Ramos, perhaps overconfident in his lead, failed to maintain pressure on Lubin, allowing his opponent to capitalize on crucial moments and secure the win. However, Lubin’s triumph was overshadowed by a startling revelation: despite defeating Ramos, he found himself ranked below him by the WBC, prompting him to question the integrity of the rankings.


Taking to social media platform X, Lubin voiced his frustration and confusion, demanding answers from the WBC. With a display of skill and determination, Lubin showcased his worth as a top contender in the division, landing more punches than Ramos and solidifying his plea for a shot at the championship belts. “@WBCBoxing how am I ranked under somebody I just beat,” said Lubin in a post on X.


As the boxing world awaits the response from the WBC, Lubin remains undeterred in his quest for glory. Determined to prove himself as more than just a gatekeeper, Lubin sets his sights on the ultimate prize: a chance to fight for the world title and cement his legacy as one of the division’s elite.

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