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Shakur Stevenson Shocked By Leaked Sparring Footage Of Gervonta Davis Dominating Devin Haney

Undefeated boxer reacts to video, sparking potential challenge as Tank Davis sends a chilling message.
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Shakur Stevenson expressed shock at what he saw in that whooping after seeing the leaked sparring footage of Gervonta Davis smashing Devin Haney on social media.


Shakur(21-0, 10KOs) a 26-year old boxer from the United States, shared on social media his response to the footage that had been leaked showing Devin Haney(31-0, 15KOs) being beaten by Gervonta Davis(29-0, 27KOs) during battle. Following one of his worst games of the season against Edwin De Los Santos in November, Tank took Stevenson’s remark as a challenge and promptly sent the New Jersey native a terrifying message.

After watching the leaked footage of Tank Davis working over Haney during a 2017 sparring session, the undefeated WBC lightweight champion Shakur appeared shocked and said he had never received such a severe punishment in training. Tank said in response to his tweet that he would “know what’s up, too,” implying that in the event of a fight, he would receive the same treatment.

“Never in my life have I taken punishment like that by any fighter, good lord,” said Shakur in a post on X. It’s unclear from Shakur’s response to the video whether he is expressing fear towards Tank or if he is only recognizing what he saw while watching it. In any case, it appears that Tank saw it as a challenge, because he responded with a mysterious message. 

“You know what’s up, too,” replied Davis to Shakur’s post. The plain meaning of the message is to warn Shakur of the consequences of ever mixing it up with Tank Davis in the ring, as well as the harsh treatment he would get similar to what he saw with Haney in the leaked sparring video.

Tank’s response demonstrated his willingness to intimidate opponents in order to warn them of what to anticipate if they cross paths with him. Stevenson is a defensive artist trained in the striking and avoid-being-hit style of fighting taught by Pernell Whitaker. But as we seen during last November’s bout versus De Los Santos, fans at the T-Mobile booed Shakur constantly, indicating that his style is not very entertaining to watch. Shakur was treated like a leper and rejected by the elite fighters at 135 as a result of his performance, and they didn’t want anything to do with him.

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