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Boxer Ryan Garcia Faces Off Against Actor Shia LaBeouf In War Of Words

Garcia and LaBeouf exchange verbal jabs as tensions rise between the boxing and Hollywood worlds.
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In the boxing world, Ryan Garcia has grown to be divisive. The 25-year-old possesses quick reflexes and a social media sensibility. He has the gift of gab and moves quickly. That’s usually enough to get him into trouble with whoever stands in his way Shia LaBeouf included.


In an interview that was made public on February 26, LaBeouf—who has previously acted in movies including “Indiana Jones,” “Holes,” “Fury,” and “American Honey”—discussed boxing with four-time world champion Froch. 

He disclosed during his appearance on the “Froch on Fighting” program that Gervonta Davis, who defeated Garcia(24-1, 20KOs) in April of last year, is his favorite boxer. Additionally, he stated that the best boxers are in the lightweight division, but he made sure to exclude Garcia from the discussion.


“I don’t like that Ryan guy. I hate him. I don’t hate him; I don’t hate nobody, but I don’t like him. I heard a story about his girl got pregnant, gave birth, and he divorced her the next day. I thought… You’re garbage. Even if you feel that way, divorce is off the menu… but even if you feel that way, dog, wait a minute. She just got out of the hospital room. And then he’s just tweeting about it like a little…” said LaBeouf in media reports.


Garcia, from the United States has never been one to back down from a fight and has always responded quickly. “Imagine me beating Shia Labeouf’s a–, ima really Transform him to pudding. You don’t know me clown. How the heck you hate me. You can’t rap either. You aren’t like that.” said Garcia in a post on X.


When Garcia went on The MMA Hour to talk about his next fight with WBC super lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20, questions regarding the altercation were also raised. When anchor Ariel Helwani questioned him about the verbal fighting, he made an effort to refute LaBeouf’s theories about why he hates him. 

“Why wait?” he asked, adding that there would never be a proper moment for him to announce that he was divorcing. Garcia questioned LaBeouf’s motivation for bringing up old grievances as well.

“What’s the latest with Florida Man?”

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