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I’m Terrified Of No One, Azim Tells Dalton Smith. Any Opponent Will Do For Me In A Battle.

After Keyshawn Davis, the American celebrity, called him out, Adam Azim speaks up.
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Adam Azim is a highly sought-after individual. He is only twenty-one years old, and super-lightweight competitors are already vying for his attention after he became the European champion last year.


Olympic silver winner Keyshawn Davis(10-0, 7KOs), an American celebrity, even declared he would travel to the UK to box Azim(11-0, 7KOs). 

“I give my congratulations to him for beating [Jose] Pedraza, a great fight, great fighter. Obviously I ain’t scared of him. If he wants it, he can have it. I’ll stop him. I’ll take him to deep waters. That could be a huge fight.”  said Azim in media reports.


Dalton Smith(15-0, 11KOs) of Sheffield would be the next contender for the European championship.

“A big, massive fight for British fans. I ain’t scared of no one. I’ll fight anyone, any opponent. If anyone wants to fight me, they can get me. I don’t care when the fight’s going to happen,” he continued. “It’s going to happen,” said Azim.


“Dalton’s got a really hard fight next against [Jose] Zepeda. I think that’s a very tough fight for Dalton. And I think he needs to concentrate more on that fight rather than talking about me. It’s good to build up the media and the hype but he’s got a tough fight. I wish him the best of luck and I hope he wins,” he added.


The fighter from Slough also selects Harlem Eubank(19-0,8KOs) a 30-year old boxer from the United Kingdom, as a desirable opponent for a prominent promotion. “That would be great. He’s a big name as well. My name and his name, the crowd we’d bring. And he’s got his uncle as well, the legend himself, (Chris) Eubank Snr,” said Azim.

Azim will not be boxing anyone in the near future as he will be observing Ramadan. “I’ve fasting coming up where I don’t fight. It’s good to refresh my mind. And lose a bit of weight! I had three back-to-back fights, obviously I need a good rest and then I’ve got more fights,” he said.


Still, he’s not shocked that he’s become the center of attention. “They’re going to call me out because I’m doing well. When you reach a good level a lot of people are going to start calling you out. I’m still grounded, I’m still working hard. I’m going to keep winning, I’ll keep doing my thing,” said Azim.

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