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Canelo Bout Was Offered, But There Was A Catch, According To Benavidez Camp.

Jose Benavidez Sr., discloses that Canelo Alvarez's team approached his promoter, and expressed interest in organizing a bout
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The father and trainer of David Benavidez(28-0, 24KOs), Jose Benavidez Sr., discloses that Canelo Alvarez’s team approached Sampson Lewkowicz, his promoter, and expressed interest in organizing a bout if they were prepared to accept a minimum of $5 million.

Benavidez Sr. claims that although he accepted the agreement, Canelo disappeared. He wasn’t sure if Canelo’s camp was merely trying to gauge his willingness to ask for money in order to claim they made an offer, but he was expecting more.

It’s possible that Canelo and his group had another opponent in mind when they entered the fight. If they disappeared there was a valid reason for it. What transpired between Jose Sr. and Lewkowicz in their correspondence with Canelo is unknown to us. Canelo may have changed his mind about taking on Benavidez for whatever reason.

“I got a call from Sampson [Lewkowicz], and he said the camp for Canelo Alvarez wanted to take the fight [with David Benavidez], but the only way they would take the fight is if we would take the minimum, and I said. I said, ‘Sure, no problem. We just want the opportunity to fight,’” said Jose Benavidez Sr. in media reports.

“Either way, if we get to this fight, things are going to get better anyway. It doesn’t matter if we lose or win. We’re willing to take the opportunity. We said yes to it, and then Munguia and Canelo disappeared. I think they just wanted to test us to see if I was going to ask for more money. Then they could say they did offer us, but we wanted more money. We were willing to take the minimum. David right now makes more money fighting other people than fighting Canelo Alvarez,” he added. 


“I think everybody starts at 5.5 [million as a Canelo opponent], and plus they give PPV buys and all that. I wanted him [Canelo] to take all the money he could. He deserves it. He’s the face of boxing and the best at 168. He has all the belts, and he deserves to take everything. We just wanted the opportunity to step in there and give the fans what they want. A good fight,” he continued.

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