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ProBox’s Acquisition Of Boxing Scene Alters Landscape Of Boxing Journalism

Strategic ownership shift and editorial focus changes at Boxing Scene signal a new era in professional boxing media.

Boxing Scene, a pillar of boxing journalism, has ushered in a new era under ProBox’s ownership, a move that has sent ripples through the professional boxing media scene.


In addition to changing the platform’s ownership, this strategic acquisition, spearheaded by Garry Jonas, has also significantly shifted the editorial focus of the publication, with a noticeable turn towards boxing stories centered in the UK. 


The Boxing Scene acquisition is a significant event in sports media, even in the context of Paramount’s larger cost-cutting initiatives that also affect companies such as Showtime.


Taking over at Boxing Scene, Garry Jonas offers a track record as a “serial entrepreneur” and a history of sponsoring boxing-related projects, such as Mike Tyson Promotions. With a reputation for taking a dynamic approach to business and a preference for regular staffing adjustments, Jonas’s leadership suggests that the platform’s content and focus may continue to evolve. This change is the result of the platform’s previous owner, Rick Reeno, selling his interest to CBS Digital while continuing to serve as editor, a role he has since left.


There has been a noticeable shift in the tone and direction of Boxing Scene as a result of the acquisition, with well-known bylines like Keith Idec and Jake Donovan leaving. 


Reactions to these adjustments have been seen from staff members acclimating to the new editorial approach to fans venting their displeasure on social media sites like X. Concerns concerning the platform’s future content strategy and how to strike a balance between biased reporting and promotional content have been brought up by the platform’s move towards promoting ProBox matches and a more UK-centric storyline. 

Fans have reacted differently to Boxing Scene’s adjustments; some have expressed concerns about the loss of dependable writers and the possibility of more promotional content. The boxing community is keeping a careful eye on the platform as it moves in a new direction under ProBox’s ownership to see how these changes will affect the coverage of their beloved sport. 


It’s unclear what Boxing Scene’s future holds under Garry Jonas’s direction and in the context of the changing professional boxing media ecosystem. All that is certain, though, is that the acquisition represents a momentous shift in the way boxing stories are presented and enjoyed. 

(Additional reporting provided by Miriam Onyango)

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