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Adam Azim Successfully Defended His European Super Lightweight Championship For The First Time.

After five rounds, the bout stopped due to Enock Poulsen's dislocated shoulder.

Adam Azim defeated Enock Poulsen to successfully defend his European super lightweight title, but he did not have the clean, highlight-reel finish to which he has been used.


After losing the European 140-pound title in 2022, Enock Poulsen(14-1, 5 KOs), a 31-year old boxer from Zambia was compelled to give it up and traveled to London with the intention of getting his property back.


Poulsen demonstrated solid footwork and managed to stay at a safe distance during the first round, where both fighters attempted to establish their jabs. While Azim(11-0, 7KOs) from England began the round attacking with his left hand and attempting a few short left hooks that were blocked, he did manage to capture Azim, 21, with an uppercut as the Slough champion ended one exchange.


In the second round, Azim’s investment in honing his jab paid off as he frequently found himself in position to cover Poulsen’s low left hand with his right hand. The Poulsen attempted to punch Azim but was unable to get near enough with his own foot to make a meaningful hit. He showed no signs of concern.


Poulsen had prepared his stall for a protracted battle by maintaining a close guard, avoiding unnecessary risks, focusing on straightforward blows, and resisting the urge to get involved in exchanges. Azim simply continued to chip away at Poulsen with what he had. With that left hand, he kept measuring the distance, while with the right, he searched for openings to the head and body.


It was a close-quarters battle. Azim didn’t appear to have needed to shift out of second gear, even though Poulsen had been losing the rounds and appeared to be holding himself up for the final round charge.


When Poulsen defeated Franck Petitjean in 2022 and fired a right hook at close range with Azim, his right shoulder dislocated three times. Azim’s arm was briefly hit by the shot, which then awkwardly angled upward. Poulsen shook his head, dropping to his knee, instantly recognizing the horribly familiar pain of a dislocated shoulder. He sat out the count after realizing he was unable to continue. It was round five, and the time was 2.39.


Azim plans to remain occupied and strive for world-class status. “His shoulder popped apparently but respect to him. I could have started more aggressively, but it’s about timing, it’s about boxing, it’s about learning your craft, my jab is my weapon,” said Azim in media reports.


“I am a bit gutted, I wanted to get him out properly,” he added.

“What’s the latest with Florida Man?”

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