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 Daniel Dubois Was Shoved By Jarrell Miller During Weigh In

Jarrell Miller, who was about 100 pounds heavier

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — On December 23, 2023, Daniel Dubois (Dynamite) and Jarrell Miller (Big Baby) will compete in a heavyweight battle in the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Daniel Dubois(19-2, 18KOs) a heavyweight from England, returns after a tough defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, the unified champion. Dubois will now take on the undefeated Miller (26-0-1, 22 KOs) in an attempt to maintain his status in the heavyweight title scene. Miller, 35, weighed 333 pounds, about 100 pounds more than Dubois who weighed 239 pounds. When their tempers went out of control during the face off, the two had to be separated.


“I’m going to walk him down and beat him up. He’s got a brain the size of a shrimp; we’re going to glaze him, grill him and broil him, either way he’s getting cooked,” said Miller in media reports.


 “I’m ready to fight. l will see him in the ring, I’m ready for it. I’m not worried about his weight, this is [sic] Africa and we slaughter lambs out here,” said Dubois in media reports.


Miller of Brooklyn has tested positive for drugs twice before a possible fight with Anthony Joshua and once more before a scheduled matchup with Jerry Forrest. However, Dmitry Salita, his promoter, thinks he can restore his reputation.


“Once you’re back licensed by respected commissions then you have to be able to compete and to fight the best. He’s had many tests, probably the most tested fighter on this card. You’ve got to take in consideration that if you do the crime and you do the time, once you’re free, once you’re allowed to box again, you should be able to get opportunities for work, like in any field,” said Salita in media reports.


“If you’re not going to give those opportunities then suspend him forever or whatever it is. But Jarrell’s been out of the ring for a significant amount of time. He’s been licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the same commission that suspended him and this is an opportunity on Saturday December 23 to redeem himself,” he added.


Miller is a massive heavyweight with a powerful punch, and Dubois believes he must win this fight, making it an extremely exciting contest.

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