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Gordie Russ Confidence Soaring Ahead Of The Battle Of The Undefeated Prospects

Russ puts his 6-0 with 6 knockouts record on the line against Junaid Bostan’s 7-0 record with 6 knockouts. 

DETROIT — Being the nephew of the late great Hall of Fame boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, and cousin to the world-class trainer Sugar Hill Steward could come with its fair share of pressures, including hailing from Detroit, Michigan, choosing boxing as a profession and also given the fact that some of the great fighters were ever, were born in the Motor City. It all sounds like it’s par the course for the undefeated prospect Gordie Russ. He comes from a legendary boxing family, a legendary boxing city, and he hopes to carry the torch for years to come. On Saturday, December 16th on DAZN, he faces what appears to be his toughest challenge in fellow undefeated Junaid Bostan. Although, it appears that way, Russ explains why observers shouldn’t be surprised if he sends Bostan home early. The Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona will play host to the high stake’s affair. 


Russ explains his dislike for Junaid and the media attention he gets to Zenger News ahead of their upcoming showdown. 


Zenger: December 16, against fellow undefeated Junaid Bostan. How is preparation going? 


Russ: Everything going good, man. I can say this camp has been really strong. We have been going strong and going hard. I really want to stop him on December 16, just because of the words he’s saying and how the media is pumping him up. The guy is really not that good honestly. 


Zenger: Do you feel he’s motivating you to have a solid camp, or is this just the maturation process taking effect? 


Russ: I would say the magnitude of the fight. He’s an undefeated guy, so I know I gotta come with more pressure and come harder. I can’t be slacking. I gotta be on point. I have to tighten my loose ends for this one. 


Zenger: He’s already fought 3 times this year, with you being his fourth. Do you feel because of his activity that he will try to press the action early to see if he can capitalize on his activity? 


Russ: Honestly, if he comes and try to fight me like he fought all them other guys, I done put up a post about it… he’s not going to survive in there. If he comes to fight me like that, he’s going to get sent home early. I don’t think he’s that crazy to try and jump out on me early. If anything I may jump out on him early. He better hope he just comes prepared and in great shape. He better not be lacking on anything. For him to be fighting 4 times a year, he’s really been active. I don’t get to be that active because I don’t have the promotional team behind me like he do. 


Zenger: He is the second consecutive southpaw you will be facing, so obviously you don’t have any issues fighting left-handed fighters. 


Russ: Yeah, I’m comfortable with that. It doesn’t make a difference who they put in front of me. Once I know what it is, I’m going to figure it out. 


Zenger: You’re 6-0 with 6 knockouts, so we know the punching power is there. Do you feel like there is a wrinkle to your game that we haven’t had the chance to see yet? 


Russ: I feel like the people haven’t seen me settled yet. I haven’t been settled in there boxing and in my flow and rhythm. I haven’t had that one fight where everything just goes right for me. That’s what I am pitching for this fight. I feel like the way camp is going, everything is going right, so I feel it will translate into the ring on fight night. Once they see that the world is going to love me. 


Zenger: You sound very confident in this camp. 


Russ: Oh yeah! It all starts in camp. If you not getting it done in camp or cutting corners, that’s how you’re going to perform in the fight. If you go into camp hard, with the right mindset, and right mental, leading up to the fight, you’re going to be in the best shape of your life. You will be more in tune with the fight. 


Zenger: Claressa Shields is definitely doing her part in terms of Detroit boxing having a voice. Is that a burden you want to put on your back as well, carry the torch? 


Russ: Ah man listen, I wanna carry this torch so badly. Emanuel [Steward] used to have Tommy Hearns and Gerald McClellan, who is one of my favorite fighters, even though he wasn’t from Detroit. Emanuel had all the best fighters in Kronk. Them guys was able to carry that torch and have those belts. Still today when I see Tommy and we’re hanging together, people still love him. I feel I want to be next to have that flame, carry that torch to where wherever I go, they gonna know who I am. 


Zenger: That could come with a lot of pressure. Is that something you embrace? 


Russ: I like the pressure. That pressure is either going to make you or break you. Pressure has always made me shine like a diamond. 


Zenger: No Sugar Hill, but you are with Tony Harrison. How is the chemistry between you guys? 


Russ: Sugar Hill is my cousin, and we get along great, but you’re right, he’s not here right now. Tony Harrison and his guys make it as much as home as Sugar makes it home. Tony came from that Kronk tutelage where he was with my Uncle Emanuel, so he knows the sweet science of boxing through his father. I also trained with his father when he was alive… rest in peace to him. Soaking up the game from someone who took the steps that I want to take, so I’m in tune with him. They make you focus all of your attention on boxing. I’ve been in camp with Tony since I was like 12 years old. Seeing his championship pedigree of having that heart and drive to get to where you’re trying to go. I’m chasing after the belts. I don’t care about anything else, but the belts. I feel like that is the main goal once you become a boxer. 


Zenger: How do you remain calm and fight your fight when you admittedly said his words bother you? 


Russ: I don’t care what they are saying in the media. I want them to look at me as the bad guy. I don’t really like him. I can’t stand on that. With the stuff we have said to each other, I stand on my word and business for what I’m saying. I want to hurt this dude. They are counting me out in the media. They think he is so astounding and I’m going to bring him down a couple of notches just because how the media is disregarding me. 


Zenger: It is cliché to say, somebody’s 0 must go, but on December 16th, it’s a very true statement. What do you have to do to ensure it’s not yours? 


Russ: Keep my faith with the Lord and keep believing. I know my 0 not gonna go. It’s going to be his. He’s going to have a 1 next to that 7.

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