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Apple Joins Telegram In Blocking Hamas Propaganda Channels

Apple blocks Hamas propaganda channels on Telegram, following Android's lead

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Several of Hamas’s official propaganda channels have been made inaccessible for Telegram users who downloaded the application through the Apple App Store, the Zachor Legal Institute announced on Thursday, just days after Telegram did the same for Android users.

The messaging platform has blocked iPhone users from viewing at least four Hamas-linked accounts, Zenger News independently verified on Thursday. When trying to access the channels, a message pops up saying: “Unfortunately, this channel couldn’t be displayed on your device.”

The Telegram messaging application. Apple and Google suspend accounts and channels used by Hamas propaganda officials. ADEM AY/UNSPLASH.

“We are happy to announce that Apple has instructed Telegram to disable specific Hamas channels for iOS (Apple) downloaded via the Apple Store App,” stated the Zachor Legal Institute, a U.S.-based NGO that fights against antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel.

“Under the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Controls regulations, Hamas and its affiliates are blocked from conducting any business with United States persons,” said Zachor to the tech giant in a missive sent on Wednesday.  

“We respectfully request that Apple investigate these Hamas channels on Telegram downloaded via the Apple App Store and, if you find that the use of these channels by a United States designated foreign terror organization violates your own rules or applicable laws, terminate any use, whether direct or indirect, of the App Store by Hamas and its affiliates,” wrote the NGO.

Telegram has served as one of the primary platforms for Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip to disseminate their propaganda in the wake of the Oct. 7 terror assault on Jewish communities in southern Israel.

At least 1,400 people were killed in the cross-border invasion, in which Hamas terrorists raped, tortured and butchered men, women and children. In addition, at least 224 hostages were taken by Hamas back to Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces announced on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the IDF said it had uncovered the true identity of Abu Obeida, the Hamas propaganda chief who has never shown his face to the public.

Israel took the step after Abu Obeida released a statement on Telegram calling on Muslims worldwide to “mobilize and march to the borders of Palestine, unite and do everything in their power to overthrow the Zionist project Israel.

“We are ready for a long battle with this occupier, as our goal in this battle is sacred and great,”  claiming that “the enemy [Israel] today is at its worst [condition] in 75 years,” said the terror spokesman.

The Telegram messaging application. Apple and Google suspend accounts and channels used by Hamas propaganda officials. ADEM AY/UNSPLASH.

“Hudhayfah Kahlot, you have been exposed,” wrote Col. Avichay Adraee, head of the Arab-media division in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on X (formerly Twitter), sharing a video revealing Abu Obeida’s face.

“He and other Hamas-ISIS leaders like to hide inside tunnels and behind women and children, as well as behind masks and shadows. … It is time to stop covering up. The mask and keffiyeh will not help you,” Adraee emphasized.

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