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Natasha Jonas Makes History As First Black Woman Boxing Manager

British professional boxer Natasha Jonas becomes pioneer in the sport, guiding fighters to success
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Natasha Jonas has made history once more after becoming the first black woman to be granted a manager’s license by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Natasha Jonas ,39, is a British professional boxer and was born in Liverpool, England. When Mikie Tallon faces Sean Jackson in Manchester on Saturday, Natasha will be in charge of the fighter’s professional debut.

After becoming the undisputed light middleweight champion, Natasha Jonas(14-2-1)has had a phenomenally successful career. She later defeated Kandi Wyatt to win the IBF world welterweight championship.

“All my life I’ve always believed in myself and I’ve never allowed myself to give up,” said Jonas in media reports.

Natasha Jonas(R) punches Christian Namus. As The First Black Woman To Manage A Boxing Team, Natasha Jonas Has Created History. LAWRENCE LUSTIG.

“I’ve not consciously set out to be first to do anything, I just knew that I wanted to break down barriers and not be scared to do anything just because it hadn’t been done before,” said Jonas in media reports.

“That being said, one thing I do like about being first is that it makes you part of history and nobody can take that away from you,” said Jonas in media reports.

“I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. I’ve known Mikie from Liverpool and watched him go through the ranks. The thought of being able to guide someone to miss pot-holes that I fell into is something I couldn’t pass,” said Jonas in media reports.

“One of the Olympic ideals was to ‘Inspire a Generation’ and that’s what I try do,” said Jonas in media reports.

“I want to conduct myself in a way that inspires and represents my city, females, mothers and my sport positively,” said Jonas in media reports.

Natasha Jonas will now combine her ring career with helping the upcoming fighters.

“I’ve got big hopes for Tallon, he’s got a successful and established amateur career, so I will try and guide him through that and make him a champion. He has visions of what he wants to become and we have a vision of where we want him to be,” said Jonas in media reports.

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