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Christian Mbilli Expects Trenches Warfare Against Demond Nicholson On September 8th In Quebec 

Despite new date, Mbilli has remained focused on Nicholson challenge. 
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One look at boxing’s super middleweight rankings and one name that stands out amongst the top is, Christian Mbilli. Ranked #1 by the WBC, #3 by the WBA, #4 by the IBF, while holding down the #6 spot with the WBO, the buzz surrounding the 24-0 with 20 knockouts fighter from France continues to grow. And despite his original date of August 19th being postponed to September 8, Mbilli remains focused on his durable opponent, Demond Nicholson, who has faced the best the division has to offer.

Mbilli reveals his plan to become a world champion within the next 2-years as well as his plans to return to the ring early next year on the Beterbiev-Smith rescheduled date. 

“Solide” talks with Zenger News about his upcoming bout and much more. 

Zenger: Christian, how does the delay in your fight with Demond Nicholson impacts you if at all? 

Christian Mbilli.  Mbilli fights battle tested Demond Nicholson on September 8th  in Quebec, Canada  on Aug 22, 2023. PHOTO BY EOTTM/EYE OF THE TIGER MANAGEMENT

Mbilli: There are always certain impacts when the date changes, but we adjusted quickly since it’s a 3-week change. We’ve adjusted the training camp schedule in terms of sparring sessions and physical preparation, but it’s nothing major. 

Zenger: September 8th is the new date. Is there a balance between scaling back and not peaking twice, while still putting in more tough work? 

Mbilli: It’s all about adjusting the schedule and planning workouts to be optimal in order to maximize results. 

Zenger: Nicholson is a very skilled and durable opponent, who recently went the distance against Demetrius Andrade. What type of fight are you expecting from Nicholson? 

Mbilli: Yes, he’s a good athlete that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We have a similar style. We like to go to war, so I’m expecting an intense fight that will please the fans. 

Zenger: The previous two years you have managed to fight 3 times in a year. This will be your second of the year, do you think it’s possible to get in another fight after September? 

Mbilli: I’ll take it one fight at a time and leave it to my team to workout a schedule for the fights. But as the world championship between Beterbiev and Smith remains in Quebec City in early January, we’re aiming for that event as our next fight. 

Zenger: Given Demond’s history of being a durable opponent, does it mean more for you to stop him, or is this just about winning the fight?

Mbilli: You know, my goal is to win every fight, and I don’t want to make any predictions. However, if you’ve followed my career and watched my fights, you know that I’m the type of fighter that takes every opportunity, so if the chance to knock him out presents itself, I will take it. 

Zenger: Definitely not looking past Nicholson, but given your high rankings from the sanctioning bodies in the division, if successful on September 8th, what fight makes the most sense to you? 

Mbilli: I’m expecting a big fight after September 8th. An elimination or world championship is the target. 

Christian Mbilli.  Mbilli fights battle tested Demond Nicholson on September 8th  in Quebec, Canada  on Aug 22, 2023. PHOTO BY EOTTM/EYE OF THE TIGER MANAGEMENT

Zenger: Speaking of not overlooking Nicholson, when fighting in a division so stacked, is it tough to not overlook someone like Nicholson, or do you feel a guy like him is the most dangerous type of opponent? 

Mbilli: No one should be overlooked in any division. My current focus is on Nicholson, and we’ve studied him with my team. We know his strengths as well as his weaknesses. We know what kind of performance he can deliver. As you mentioned, he’s fought some of the divisions’ big names while holding his own. That gives him experience and confirms that he’s no less dangerous than the others, quite the opposite in fact. 

Zenger: What would capturing a world title mean to you, and how soon would you like to make that your reality? 

Mbilli: A world title for me would be the fulfillment of a lifetime of sacrifices. I hope and will continue to do whatever it takes to be a world champion in 2 years’ time. 

Zenger: I’m sure you will be paying close attention to the Canelo Alvarez- Jermell Charlo fight. Do you feel Charlo stands a good chance given the fact he’s bypassing the 160-pound division? 

Mbilli: I think Canelo will win this fight. Given the weight difference from the start, and the fact that Canelo is well established in the division. 

Zenger: What can fans expect from you on September 8th in Quebec? 

Mbilli: I have always given my all in the ring. My preparation and physical shape are top notch. I have an opponent who comes to fight, so spectators can expect an explosive, intense fight, trench warfare. 

Zenger: I wish you the best of luck. I’m glad EOTTM was able to reschedule this fight quickly. Is there anything else you want to say before I let you go? 

Mbilli: Thank you for your interest in my career. I invite all readers to follow my rise closely, as I am on my way to becoming #1. #TeamSolide 

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