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Media’s Leftward Bias And Propaganda: A Threat To Israeli Democracy

Caroline exposes media's support for the left and its impact on Israeli politics and public opinion.

In Caroline’s “Cold Take” this week, she focuses on the media’s total mobilization on behalf of the left and its replacement of news with propaganda.

Caroline compares the Israeli media’s efforts to the severity of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s medical condition from the public in late 2005, from its conspiratorial response to the news that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized on Saturday for dehydration. In the first instance, the media insisted that Sharon was fine weeks before he was incapacitated with a massive stroke. In Netanyahu’s case, the media insist that Netanyahu is incapacitated because the physicians at Sheba Medical Center undertook basic medical tests to rule out cardiac issues while he was under observation.

She then moves from the media’s support for the left’s political warfare campaign against the Netanyahu government and its violent opposition to the right’s nationwide protests against the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria in 2005.


From the propaganda swamps of the Israeli media, Caroline then moves to the White House decision to invite President Isaac Herzog to Washington this week while at the same time boycotting Netanyahu.

Finally, Caroline discusses the coming denouement of the left’s campaign as public support for the campaign dwindles and as the government moves forward in legislating its judicial reform program.

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