Which television show won the most awards at the 2020 Emmys?

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"Schitt's Creek" won nine Emmys, setting a new record for the most wins in a single season for a comedy.

The winner of the Tour de France hails from which country?

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Tadej Pogačar became the first Slovenian to win the Tour de France.


Which of the following cities is not among those that permit violence and destruction of property, according to the U.S. Department of Justice?

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Attorney General William Barr has singled out New York City, Portland and Seattle, saying their city governments should lose federal funding for permitting “violence and destruction of property.”

Who did President Donald Trump announce he would nominate to the Supreme Court?

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett honored Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she accepted President Trump's nomination.


How many of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death were charged with killing her?

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Six months after police fatally shot Breonna Taylor in Louisville, a grand jury voted to indict officer Brett Hankison for blindly shooting 10 rounds from outside of Taylor’s apartment, but not for killing her.

Which governor banned sales of new gas-powered vehicles in the state starting in 2035?

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Although California Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order bans the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks after the 15-year deadline, the order will allow cars and truck that run on gas to be sold as used.


Which celebrity recently welcomed a daughter to the world?

Wicker Paradise via Flickr
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Model Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik are parents for the first time.

President Donald Trump announced on Sept. 24 a series of executive orders related to which topic?

White House photo
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Trump referred to the orders as his "America First Health Care Plan" and said he wants to protect coverage for preexisting conditions and prevent surprise medical bills.


Which governor called in National Guard troops to provide security and protect Vice President Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump?

C.S. Muncy/Zenger
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Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz requested the National Guard to keep the peace when the pair visited Minneapolis.

The governor of which state lifted all Covid-19 restrictions on businesses?

CDC via Unsplash
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's decision has moved Florida into the third phase of its reopening plans.

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