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Habanos World Days Gala Dinner Honors Trinidad Brand With Exclusive Cigar Premiere‌   ‌

London event showcases luxury Trinidad Cabildos Edición Limitada 2024, raising €5,150,000 at humidor auction.‌ ‌
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 Last month, London became the Habano capital <span lang=EN-US style=mso-ansi-language: EN-US;>and </span>host<span lang=EN-US style=mso-ansi-language: EN-US;>ed</span> the first-ever Habanos World Days in person for three days<span lang=EN-US style=mso-ansi-language: EN-US;>. HABANOS S.A ON FACEBOOK. </span>  

Cigar aficionados from across the globe converged on London’s iconic Victoria & Albert Museum for a historic Gala Dinner, marking the culmination of the first-ever in-person Habanos World Days. The 400 guests celebrated the 55th anniversary of the prestigious Trinidad brand, honoring its rich heritage and excellence in a truly memorable and symbolic setting.

The evening commenced in the idyllic John Madejski Garden, where guests indulged in champagne, cocktails, and Trinidad Vigia cigars. Stepping into the Raphael Court, they were met with a breathtaking sight – seven monumental tapestries designed by Raphael himself, considered Renaissance masterpieces. Surrounded by such artistic grandeur, they embarked on a journey of exquisite dining, creating an unforgettable experience.

Upholding their commitment to both innovation and tradition, Habanos, S.A. unveiled a world premiere at the gala: the Trinidad Cabildos Edición Limitada 2024. This exclusive cigar, a 46 ring gauge by 162 mm (0.5315 foot) length vitola, pays homage to the historic Villa of Santísima Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. It also honors one of Cuba’s first town councils established during the colonial era.

The Cabildos will be available globally in specially designed packaging. Each box of 12 cigars boasts an additional “Edición Limitada” band and a commemorative footband equipped with NFC technology, reflecting the highest quality standards. These “Totally Handmade with Long Filler” Habanos have been aged for a minimum of two years, promising unique nuances worthy of the most discerning enthusiasts. The fortunate gala attendees were the first to experience these exceptional cigars.

Aficionados can expect a luxurious smoking experience with the Trinidad Cabildos Edición Limitada 2024. The draw is effortless and potent, allowing for perfect combustion and a consistent, compact ash in a beautiful shade of grey. The cigar boasts a medium strength, delivering a delightful balance of powerful yet harmonious flavors. To fully appreciate its complexities, pair it with high-end spirits like aged Cuban rums or a well-aged whiskey.

The flavours and aromas are complex. Present from the beginning, notes of nuts, vanilla, herbaceous, and woody notes evolve and become smoky, intense roasted, and torrefied notes,” said a press release by Habanos, S.A.

The Trinidad Cabildos Edición Limitada Premier is a rare gem, crafted exclusively for the United Kingdom. Only 10,000 numbered boxes will be released, each containing 5 exquisite Habanos aged for at least 2 years. These cigars are a testament to traditional craftsmanship, boasting “Totally Handmade with Long Filler” construction. Distinguished by a special Edición Limitada band and a commemorative footband featuring NFC technology, they represent the pinnacle of Habanos luxury.

“It is an honour to celebrate with aficionados from around the world the excellence and tradition of Trinidad within the framework of one of our most innovative and international events as a corporation, the Habanos World Days”, adding: “We toast not only to the legacy of the brand but to a promising future filled with distinction and innovation, and these world premiere launches are a way of expressing gratitude to our aficionados whose loyalty drives us to continue offering them the best,” said Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, Co-President of Habanos, S.A.

“The grand finale of this first in-person edition of the Habanos World Days was the Humidor Auction, unique pieces created as a tribute to the Trinidad brand. On this occasion, 5 exclusive humidors were auctioned, among which the Trinidad 55th Anniversary Fundadores Vintage 10 humidor by Charaf Tajer & S.T. Dupont (No.0001) deserves special mention. This is a numbered series of 1,000 humidors, with the first 55 pieces created under the artistic direction of the prestigious designer Charaf Tajer, founder of the fashion brand Casablanca, who attended the event. The proceeds will be donated to the Cuban Public Health System,” added the press release.

              Among all the auctioned pieces, a total of €5,150,000 was raised, with the Fundadores Vintage 10 by S.T. Dupont humidor being sold for the highest amount: €2,500,000.

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