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Mumbai Celebrates T20 World Cup Victory Amid Monsoon Deluge‌.

Resilient Mumbaikars brave rain to honor cricket heroes with massive parade along iconic Marine Drive.‌
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Hundreds of thousands filled the iconic Marine Drive on which the triumphant World Cup team was paraded by an open-air bus

Mumbai experiences rainfall during this time of the year, and the monsoon arrived right on schedule on Thursday evening, July 4. Despite intermittent drizzles throughout the city, the resilient Mumbaikars were undeterred. They came out in large numbers to welcome the cricket heroes who brought home the T20 World Cup.

A brief seasonal shower is mild compared to Hurricane Beryl, which kept the Indian team confined to their hotel rooms for two days in Barbados. Yet, it’s likely that even such a hurricane wouldn’t have deterred the spirited Mumbaikars today.

“Mumbai never disappoints. We got a solid reception. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the fans. I am very very happy and relieved,” said skipper Rohit Sharma to the press.

Approximately 35,000 people were inside the stadium, with just as many outside, unable to gain entry. Hundreds of thousands gathered along the iconic Marine Drive, where the victorious World Cup team was paraded in an open-air bus. The street was a sea of people, often appearing vaster than the adjacent Arabian Sea.

Not long ago, these fans criticized Hardik Pandya for replacing Rohit Sharma as the captain of the Mumbai Indians team. They booed and insulted him. However, tonight, when Rohit mentioned ‘his Pandya,’ who bowled the crucial final over against South Africa in the championship match, the crowd erupted in a deafening cheer.

“Hats off to him to bowl that last over. No matter how many runs you need, there’s always so much pressure to bowl that over. Hats off to him,” Rohit added. The Wankhede erupted in cheers of “Hardik, Hardik” as Pandya stood up to acknowledge the crowd’s appreciation. The animosity between them seems to be a thing of the past, replaced by a newfound admiration between the Mumbai crowd and Pandya.

                Thursday offered a chance to celebrate, and Mumbai did it in its unique style, waiting over six hours and enduring the bad weather. Despite the long wait for the team, which landed in the city around 5:30 pm and participated in the road show at 7:30 pm, the fans’ patience never waned. Their collective energy and determination were unwavering.

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